8th Grade Fundraising


Class of 2015

There will be a meeting for all 8th grade parents on Wednesday, February 4, 2015 at 6:30 pm in the Cafetorium. At this meeting, Mr. Philips will provide us with the details of the Washington DC trip, including the total cost per student. You will also have the opportunity to ask any questions you may have regarding the trip. Please make every effort to attend this very important meeting.
 50/50 Total Sales are currently at $4,210
 We will have an 8th grade parent meeting in January or February, at which we will be able to tell you the total cost of the Washington DC trip for each student and, of course, give an update of where we stand after the first few fundraisers of the year have been completed.  Please stay tuned!


As you may already be aware, each year the 8th grade class at Bedminster School holds fundraisers throughout the year to help defray the costs to each 8th grade student’s family for their end of the year, 3 day trip to Washington DC.  While this trip is arranged through the school and the chaperones are teachers from our school, it is the responsibility of the parents of each 8th grader to pay that student’s pro rata share of the total cost of the trip.  The school does not pay for this trip. 


We organize a number of Group Events, the net proceeds of which are divided equally among the total number of 8th graders and credited against their portion of the cost due for the trip.  The Group Events for this year are the following (with chairpersons noted in parentheses): 

FALL FEST (Debbie Sokalski at DCWS1017@aol.com )

Approximate Net Amount Earned:  $ 621.00


FAR HILLS RACE PARKING (Holly Och at labhill@verizon.net and Lindsay Morales at lbmorales132@yahoo.com )

Approximate Net Amount Earned:  $ 2,439.55


HOLIDAY WORKSHOP (Wendy Weinstein at ww2651@att.com and Meryl Bender at mabender18@gmail.com )

Net Amount Earned:  $ 6,001.74


SNOWBALL DANCE (Allison Rosenzweig at allison@wellfit.com, Jodi Pannullo at jtpdnp@aol.com and Jen Casella at jencasella@comcast.net) 

Net Amount Earned:  $1,699.96


8TH GRADE VS. FACULTY BASKETBALL GAME (Michele Hoffman at michele121@optonline.net and Fritzi Case at fritziLcase@gmail.com)

Net Amount Earned:  $3,067.44 


50/50 RAFFLE (Mimi Jacobs at mimijacobs@verizon.net )   **only the raffle tickets sold at group events

Net Amount Earned:  $


As the above Group Events occur and the net proceeds are verified by the school’s student activities treasurer, Kim Jeronimo (kjeronimo@bedminsterschool.org ) and our 8th grade treasurer, Anne Bielawa (atbsouthfield@earthlink.net ), we will update the amounts. 


Additionally there are Individual Events in which each 8th grade student’s efforts will be credited directly and only to that student.  Thus, each student will have a different amount they earn to be credited against the cost of the trip, depending on their efforts.  Those individual events are as follows (with chairpersons listed in parentheses):


50/50 RAFFLE (Mimi Jacobs at mimijacobs@verizon.net)


COUPON BOOKS (Edith Wisniewski at cascades22@aol.com )


GERTRUDE HAWK (Stacey Vozeh at stacvozeh@gmail.com )


SCRIP GIFT CARDS  (Lainie Kepley at lainiekepley@gmail.com and Carmen Goldman at casgoldman@msn.com )


Our 8th grade treasurer, Anne Bielawa (atbsouthfield@earthlink.net ), keeps the master spreadsheet of costs and credits for each 8th grader.  Anne works directly with Kim Jeronimo, the school’s student activities treasurer, who collects and distributes all funds related to our 8th grade fundraisers.  Anne Bielawa will be the person to contact if you would like an update on how much your student has credited against the costs of the Washington DC trip. 

Please subscribe to the e-alerts on this 8th Grade Fundraising page so that you can keep up to date with our fundraising progress.


If you have any questions related to 8th grade fundraising, please feel free to contact either Lisa Lavelle-Cunningham at lisacunningham.nj@gmail.com or Alison Rosenzweig at allison@wellfit.com 

Thank you all for your efforts!



Last Modified on April 17, 2015