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Hello everyone,

I am the art teacher at Bedminster school 2019-2020 school year. I have taught Art for the past 16 years first starting off in Elizabeth NJ for 11 of those years in education. I love Bedminster and very happy with the transition and the community and staff here is amazing. I am married with two beautiful little girls and besides teaching , have a mural business as well as thriving painted shoe/ purse business and skin care company. I am the kind of person that can't sit still and love to get my hands into different things. I want to show my girls they can do anything they set their minds too.

As an art teacher I believe art is in the eye of the beholder and each individual is creative in their own way. I try to push my students to explore new techniques and genres. My door is always open if a student needs extra help. 

For the past 5 years I have been involved in the school s musicals creating scenery and helping behind the scene.  This years show is Mary Poppins and can't wait to get started on the production. If you are motivated and a team player I would love have you join us this year.


Time Frame: April- June 

While We Are out and practicing Distance Learning

3rd-8th grade Please go onto Google Classroom for your lesson plans. 

Email me with questions:

You can access my Google Classroom by following these 3 steps

1) click the link below:

2) click the (+) symbol to join our class.

3) use your specific class code to join our class.

See Class Codes below:

3rd grade: i3adrgu

4th grade: nql57sz

5th grade: 2zbc4oj

6th grade: fpdta45

7th grade: jzxhxtv

8th grade: h27mua5


Kindergarten Lessons: 4th Marking period

1) Find stones around your home and paint them with happy images or positive words. Put them out near a curb or by your mailbox to make people passing by smile. If you can take a picture of your rocks and where you places them yu can send them to me. I would love to see how they came out.

Positive rocks from Billie Park (With images) | Rock crafts ...


2) Lesson: how o draw a Dog.

Supplies: paper , pencil  and colors


Follow the video , Draw light until you get it right

Click on the link:

Name and date at the bottom and if you can email me your final drawing.


3) How to draw Pete the Cat

Supplies: paper, pencil, markers or crayons.

Watch video book read aloud:

drawing lesson:


4) Mothers day card 

paper, pencil and colors- follow the video

How to Draw Mother's Day Card (Step by Step Art Lesson for Kids)


5) How to draw a hot air balloon

Supplies: paper, pencil and colors


6) Draw a picture of a word that starts with the First Letter of your name:

Example: Derek  can draw a picture of a dog with his dog food bowl.

Add color please. 

Supplies: Paper, pencil and colors.


**I have all Kindergartens artwork at school. When I am able to get in I will organize their drawings for pick up. I  was planning on creating a book with all their work until the pandemic happened. 


2nd grade Lessons 4th marking period

1) Lesson: BIRD  


paper, pencil, eraser  and colors.

Step 1-Draw LIGHTLY ( light until you get it right) starting at the top of the paper to complete the bird
Step 2- Erase anything you need to and then go over your lines dark

Step 3- Add color to your bird  and any other details you would like to make it your own.

Step 4- If you can draw a second bird on the branch that would be GREAT! make each bird a little different. Maybe one has feathers on top of his head or a different kind of tail? Look out side your window at bird that fly by and what colors you may see. 
Step 3- Add your name and date. Upload the image please for me to see. 
Have fun- miss everyone

Young Rembrandts | Bird drawings, Drawing class, Rembrandt drawings



2) How to draw Bruni the salamander 

Supplies: paper, pencil and colors.

Follow the video below and draw light until you et it right. Then go over darker when more confident.



3) Hello my young artists. Attached is the read aloud A Monster at the End of This Book. Please enjoy the video and then create your very own monster that might be at the end of YOUR book. Is your monster cute or scary? Does your monster have fur, spikes, wings or horns? How many eyes, arms or legs does your monster have?
Enjoy creating your very own monster. Remember to add lots of details. If you have the opportunity to add color, go for it. I would love to see what your monster looks like, so please consider sharing or submitting it through the assignment section.
Click on GROVER.



4) Mothers day drawing:

Supplies: Paper, marker and any colors you want to use ( crayons, pencils, markers)

Follow the link provided and follow along.


5) How to draw Jack from the incredibles       May 11-15

Supplies: paper, pencil and colors.


6) Pokemon drawing   May 18- 22

Supplies: paper , pencil, marker and colors

Follow the video to complete the drawing.


7) How to draw a cat



Try these online videos if you have time and completed everything else

Grades K-5:  Mo Williams the famous author has drawing classes online.

Try them!!


Grades 4-8: How to draw cool lettering tutorial:

Grades 6-8 : How to draw easy Zentangles :

Think out of the Box!! You Got This!!












**All middle school students have until the last week of the marking period to hand in any late assignments. If students are falling behind I will pull them aside to notify them what they are missing and how they can boost their grade. Children have a participation grade which will be averaged into the marking period final grade. 

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