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Art class   

Contact Info:

Alyson Hershkowitz


Room 241



Image result for art clip art


Hello everyone,

I am the art teacher at Bedminster school 2019-2020 school year. I have taught Art for the past 16 years first starting off in Elizabeth NJ for 11 of those years in education. I love Bedminster and very happy with the transition and the community and staff here is amazing. I am married with two beautiful little girls and besides teaching , have a mural business as well as thriving painted shoe/ purse business and skin care company. I am the kind of person that can't sit still and love to get my hands into different things. I want to show my girls they can do anything they set their minds too.

As an art teacher I believe art is in the eye of the beholder and each individual is creative in their own way. I try to push my students to explore new techniques and genres. My door is always open if a student needs extra help. 

For the past 5 years I have been involved in the school s musicals creating scenery and helping behind the scene.  This years show is Mary Poppins and can't wait to get started on the production. If you are motivated and a team player I would love have you join us this year.


Time Frame: March/ April

While We Are out and practicing Distance Learning

K- 8th grades here are the art plans. You will also be receiving photocopied lesson plans to be completed while we are out of school.  You can do it!! BE CREATIVE & THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX.


Try these online videos if you have time and completed everything else

Grades K-5:  Mo Williams the famous author has drawing classes online.

Try them!!https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RmzjCPQv3y8

HOW TO DRAW GERALD AND PIGGY. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HYNIyBM_xKc

Grades 4-8: How to draw cool lettering tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FJ05GzJqsn8

Grades 6-8 : How to draw easy Zentangles :https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CmA69mffKLo

Think out of the Box!! You Got This!!


Art Lesson Plans for the month while we are off.

Try your best to complete Assignments but please do not stress over any lesson.

If you can take pictures and send them to me as you complete projects that will be great if not do what you can.


Lesson 1

Grade k-3

Create a temporary bird feeder that the kids can decorate however they like.

Supplies: Milk carton /bottle, soup can or hollowed out ½ orange peel, scissors, string, bird seed – find supplies you may have


  • Clean and dry an empty milk carton, can or carton
  • Cut a hole big enough for a bird to fit. If using an orange peel the top will be open
  • Punch a hole on the sides of the feeder and thread a string through. ...
  • Let your child decorate as she wishes is using the can or milk containers.
  • Add bird seed
  • If you can take a picture of the final project and send it to me. ahershkowitz@bedminsterschool.org

( look on line for easy examples)Image result for bird feeds simple recycablesImage result for orange peel bird feeder


*Grades 2 and grades 3 will have sketch book packets to work on Elements of art.

Third grade - follow the step by step drawing and recreate on a separate sheet of paper.  Color your giraffe if you have the correct colors.

Image result for step by step easy  giraffe 


Finish the drawing below

Image result for finish the drawing




4th grade will be given papers to complete.

Finish these drawings is you have extra time

Image result for finish the drawingImage result for finish the drawing



5th grade

  1. Super hero

Cut out a picture of your face and create a super hero body for it.

Think of what power you would want to poses while we are home during this month. You can have a power to help others, your family, friends or any other creative idea.  Write me about your super hero under your drawing.  example

Image result for super hero body- your faceImage result for super hero body- your face

2 )Lesson: Draw a picture of a dream you had. Be as detailed as possible.  Use anything to coloring it in. Try to fill the paper as much as possible

3) Lesson: If you were principal what would you look like and what would you do to make our school better? Draw a picture of things you would change. Would it be the cafeteria, the Gymnasium, The entrance way into school?

4) Lesson: Roll a Picasso face . Picasso was known for Cubism and creating unique portraits. Create your own with this worksheet game.  You will need a dice, paper and the Picasso sheet.
Whatever you land on you must draw. Complete the entire face without cheating. Please put in ears and hair that you create on your own  neck and shoulders too.  Add color if you can and label it Picasso’s masterpiece.

Image result for roll the dice picasso

From the packet: 

  1.  Photo copy – what is he  holding in his hand
  2. Packet sketch bo


6th grade :

  1. Create a Collage of a surreal image. Cut images from a magazine or newspaper to create a location and surreal image. Use Dislocation: objects that aren’t exactly where they should be or Metamorphosis: something turning into something else. Glue it on a piece of paper and be creative. Find an interesting background, cut out each image carefully so you don't see anything but the the chosen picture. Don't glue until you have everything in place. 2 -3 days

Image result for simple surreal collageImage result for surreal collage from middle school



  1.  One point perspective road. Create a one point perspective road drawing using a ruler to line everything to the center dot. Make sure you have a horizon line. Design stores and a detailed drawing. Add color could take up to 5 days to finish and add color.


Image result for one point perspective step by step


7th grade:

1) Lesson:    Take a picture of people in your family and create cartoon bodies for them in color.  Be creative and try your best. You can design a background of where you are as well.

Image result for real faces on cartoon bodies


2) lesson:    Cartoon the person who would be wearing these shoes ( if you did not get the packet use this image below). Draw lightly until you like your drawing. You can also put the drawing up to a window and trace the shoes so you can practice your drawing first. Be creative.

Who Would Wear These Shoes? (*I will have my kids draw- "Who would NOT wear these shoes?" just for fun!)

3) Lesson: Draw the Animal;  Image provided on photo copy.  Try the grid of the Elephant. Draw lightly and only draw what is in each box. Do not try to draw the entire image at once as it will not come out correctly! Go slow and try your best

Image result for how to draw lion animal grid template

4) Lesson : Create 2 idiom drawings such as the example with color.  Label what the drawing is. Be creative

Image result for idiom images


5) Turn your name into a cartoon. Each letter should be the same size. Does not matter is they are upper or lower case. Come up with a person or animal only for each letter and trace the Actual letter darker. Add color if you can. First name only but welcome to do your last name too. Image result for cartoon letter face   bruce blitz example with a number.

Image result for letters turned into animals Image result for letters turned into animals





8th grade packet of papers

( I have added images below incase you did not receive the packet from the office)

Take photo and send to me if you can.

  1. Shade a still life:  example if you want you can use the photocopy of the fruit( if you received the packet). A glass  with objects around it can be still life or a bowl or fruit even flowers or pinecones can be used for this assignment.  Remember the techniques you used in class with the spheres. 
  2. 3 separate grid an animal drawing: each can take two days
  3. Starbucks cup design- photo copy
  4. Optical illusions- packet. Cut on the outside line of the image ( NOT in between)  and fold into a cube and stick glue closed. You can use any optical illusion design for each section.

Image result for how to shade

Image result for starbucks cup design template


Image result for how to draw lion animal grid template

Image result for how to draw lion animal grid template

Image result for how to draw lion animal grid template

Image result for optical illusion lesson- paper cube

Image result for optical illusion lesson- paper cube


**All middle school students have until the last week of the marking period to hand in any late assignments. If students are falling behind I will pull them aside to notify them what they are missing and how they can boost their grade. Children have a participation grade which will be averaged into the marking period final grade. 

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