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234 Somerville Road
Bedminster, NJ 07921

(908) 234-0768 x336

Family Portrait

Mother: Itinerant bed-hopper, 
     she walks in perpetuity in the night
     All-around nurturer, chocolate-bearer, glue-spreader,

     let them be independent-er, 
     gardening, flower bed and avian expert, 
     Captain of the Calendar, 
     force of love: park-taking child-chasing monster 
     ouchie evaporator 
     a dream 

(younger) Daughter: ultimate sharer and giver-away of toys, until she isn’t 
     pony namer extraordinaire, egg dreamer, 
     future president of the country or of an HOA, 
     silly giggler and apologia refuser, 
     All-around strong in the ways of will, 
     carry requester and snuggle giver 
     one more timer

(older) Son: tree ninja 
     All-around helper for French Toast, yardwork and laundry unfolder 
     gunfire, spaceship and automobile crash specialist 
     current and future director, dancer and sportsballer 
     donut snatcher 
     getting a trifle Legotistical

Father: head chef, lunch designer, cookie snatcher 
     i-addled, homework carrier 
     snorer galore, fantasy football insider, sports conductor 
     chip dip hogger, remote control hugger, voice raiser 
     child flipper

Family: What more could we ask for

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