District Goals, Vision, and Mission Statement





Goal 1  Student achievement

  Math - provide support for students to reach their highest level of proficiency 


  • analyze academic support programming, current data, and recent standardized test results, discuss placement of lower [Not Meeting or Partially Meeting] proficiency level students
  • research and choose new middle school Math program for grades 5-8
  • utilize in-house assessment tools, supplemental resources/materials, and other pertinent data to analyze student performance in Mathematics
  • provide professional development to teaching staff
  • turn-key professional development for other teaching staff, as needed
  • review placements, curriculum, pacing guides, and standards with teachers
  • set PDPs, SGOs, lesson plans and/or other activities to align with standards and goals
  • assess student performance through staff PLCs and meetings
  • infuse cross curricular opportunities for students in non-core subject areas


  • standardized test scores, academic support intervention results, Renaissance scores, observations, ESL WIDA scores, teacher feedback
  • annual ESSA School Accountability Profile
  • students’ scores based on analyzing grade and subject area assessments
  • core subject related activities and lessons infused in non-core subject areas 
  • intervention support to enhance instruction for lower proficient leveled students
  • review PDPs ensuring rigor for all students
  • evaluate professional development training(s)
  • feedback from stakeholders
  • make ongoing recommendations for future math placement and enhancements to learning
  • report summaries to BoE and community

Goal 2  Social & Emotional Learning 

  Improve students’ social and emotional learning


  • choose SEL framework
  • professional development training
  • assess culture and climate perceptions
  • develop a set of core values
  • analyze culture and climate surveys
  • improve school culture and promote student SEL development
  • wellness activities


  • evaluate SEL framework
  • evaluate training(s) and survey process
  • culture and climate outcomes
  • implementation of strategies
  • success of wellness activities
  • feedback from stakeholders
  • assessment scores
  • make recommendations for future SEL programming
  • report summaries to BoE and community


BoE approval 7/25/19