District Goals, Vision, and Mission Statement


2020-2021 Mission and District Goals


Mission Statement

To provide a supportive and engaging learning environment that empowers students to become lifelong learners and responsible citizens 


Goal 1  Student achievement

  Math - provide support for students to reach their highest level of proficiency 



  • enhance academic support programming for identified students 

  • research and choose new elementary school Math program 

  • support staff with newly incorporated middle school Math program 


Goal 2  Social & Emotional Learning 

  Improve students’ social and emotional learning



  • expose  students to additional character education and empathy opportunities

  • support school culture and climate initiative

  • develop reopening post Covid pandemic plan that supports emotional, cultural, and physical safety for students and staff


 Goal 3  High School Tuition  

  Budget for expenses



  • adequately budget the future high school tuition for the large sizes of the class of 2026 and class of 2027


Updated: July 2020 for BoE Approval