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Board members serve on several committees, which meet to discuss issues facing the district. Under New Jersey law, no more than four Board members of a nine member Board may simultaneously attend a committee meeting. The Board President appoints the committee members and chairperson, and serves as ex-officio on all committees. 

2020 Board Members

Suzie Stevinson - President

Jennifer Johansson - Vice-President 


Thomas Casey

Brian Haggerty

Giovanna Lamiera

Sarah Nathans

Jeff Reaves

Sonia Rodrigues-Marto

Howard Wolkow



Board Committees and Delegates

  • Facilities & Finance
  • Program & Personnel
  • Personnel Negotiations
  • High School Negotiations
  • Somerset Municipal Alliance
  • Somerset County School Boards Association (SCSBA)
  • New Jersey School Boards Association (NJSBA)
  • Technology Committee
  • Child Care Steering Committee
  • Somerset County Educational Services Commission
  • Hunterdon County Educational Services Commission
  • Somerset Hills School District Representative
  • Health and Wellness/Sustainability Designee
  • Teacher of the Year Committee

As the need arises, the Board creates committees that include community representatives. These committees generally make recommendations concerning school related issues to the full Board.

2020 Board Committees

Standing Committees

Program & Personnel

Jennifer Johansson - Chair

Giovanna Lamiera
Jeff Reaves
Suzie Stevinson


Facilities & Finance

Howard Wolkow - Chair
Thomas Casey
Brian Haggerty
Sonia Marto


Contract Negotiations

Jeff Reaves - Chair
Suzie Stevinson



Giovanna Lamiera - Chair
Thomas Casey
Suzie Stevinson

ED Tech Committee

Thomas Casey

Board/Administration Representatives

Child Care                             Jennifer Johansson    

Wellness Rep                        Sonia Marto

PTO Liaison                           Suzie Stevinson
                                                Giovanna Lamiera (alt)

                            Somerset Hills                            Sarah Nathans

Somerset Municipal Alliance         


Township Liaison                  

Delegate Representatives

 New Jersey School Boards Association           Brian Haggerty
                                                                                Thomas Casey (alt)



Chairperson: organizes meeting times, notifies SBA and President in advance of meeting, writes notes, publishes minutes and reports to full board about activities.


Alternate Chairperson: fills in for absent chairperson when needed


Other ad-hoc groups may be formed from time to time as needed.