Coronavirus Update - July 10, 2020

July 10, 2020


Dear BTS Families:


Hello, BTS parents and students. It’s been so nice seeing students back in the building this week for summer camp! There are many projects currently underway at BTS. First, the parking lot is being repaired. It is difficult making your way through the lot. I would recommend you use the extra lot, if you need to drop something off at the school. Some classrooms and the entire library are being tiled this summer. There are also electrical upgrades and deep disinfecting procedures taking place. Additional hand sanitizers have been installed in the hallways to compliment the sanitizers that are already in classrooms. It is a busy place, but we are getting ready for September. 


We will need to be ready to move from in-person to virtual learning, as needed, depending on the spread of Covid-19. The survey this week is critical for us.  We are devising our reentry plans that are required one month before the start of the school year, as stated by Governor Murphy. You will also receive notification via phone as a reminder to complete this survey. It involves questions that you need to consider related to the schedule, transportation, lunch and child care. Please complete the survey no later than 10am, Monday, July 13th. Accessing the survey from the homepage allows the survey to be translated into other languages. The BTS Reopening Committee is discussing details surrounding both virtual learning and a modified in-person learning plan. I’d like to thank all of them for dedicating their time to planning for a safe reopening for all students and staff. Click here to complete the survey in English. 


In an effort to have children ready to enter school, here are Covid-19 summer development and training recommendations for you and your child. 


Hand washing/hand sanitizer: There are several recommendations, and I suggest you begin to implement these now. Get familiar with the symptoms of Covid-19 (Síntomas del coronavirus Covid-19). Have your child understand the importance of washing hands by using Handwashing: A Family Activity materials from CDC. Make it fun for them by watching these short Handwashing: Clean Hands Save Lives videos [Lavado de manos], also from CDC. Count with them, or allow them to create a fun way to count to 20 washing their hands before eating, touching the face area, after coughing, sneezing, or blowing their nose [Protejase]. Have your child practice using hand sanitizer (Cuando usar desinfectante de manos), when soap is not available. Consider purchasing a small bottle that they can carry during the school day, but begin practicing using it now. There are bottles on the market that would fit nicely in a backpack or a back pocket. 


Face covering (Cubiertas de tela para la cara): Watch this CDC face covering video with your child. Begin to get your child to tolerate wearing a face covering. Start today with having your child first wash their hands, then wear the face covering for 2 minutes. Then, add 1 minute each day for the rest of the summer so that your child gets more comfortable wearing a face covering for long periods of time. Make a checklist so your child can see progress each day over the next two months wearing the face covering.  As always, remind your child about the importance of staying home when they are sick or have a fever. 


Social Distance [Distanciamiento Social]: Teach your child what 6 feet of distance looks like. Mark areas in your home to reflect these distances. The Greet from 6 Feet Jack Harmann social distancing song may be helpful for children to understand how far away they should stand, if they aren’t wearing a mask. 


Teasing/bullying prevention: Please review tips for talking to children [Cómo hablar con los niño] to help us avoid blame or shame for others with distancing, or the face covering they may choose to wear. This is a good way to introduce social emotional wellness for all. It is critical that students being transported on the bus remain in their assigned seats, not touch anyone’s mask, or make fun of someone or their choice of mask. Please have these sometimes challenging conversations with your child. 



Here is The Road Back Plan released by the NJDoE. It states that in-person instruction in schools will happen this fall.  The guidance also states that if distancing of six feet is not possible, face coverings should be worn by students, unless there is a medical condition that prohibits them from wearing one.  


Reminder: Drop off hours this summer: Monday - Thursday from 10:00am-2:00pm. 


We are very excited to start the new year this September. Until then, be safe. Go BTS Bulldogs!



Jennifer Giordano

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