• Will change as new programs, tips and tools get added. It is an ongoing document.
    Assistive Technology Tips
    Jim Puglia, Bedminster School CC License (free to reuse, modify and share with attribution)
    jpuglia@bedminsterschool.org  or  908-234-0768 x292  Email or call for additional assistance.
    Remember that some technology programs work better depending upon the learning need.  Before using any program:
    • Determine the specific need.
    • Make it as fun as you can and focus on building independence.
    • Don’t overdo it. Get buy in from the student.
    • Find ways to lessen the load at the beginning, particularly avoiding additional technology learning tasks like:
    • scanning the text
    • copying and pasting text
    • too much information to study/process
    • over time you can have students do more and more independently.
    Text to Speech Programs
    Bookshare.org School and Individual Accounts free. Individual SignUP https://www.bookshare.org/about/signUpMinor 
    https://www.bookshare.org/readingTools PC/Mac Read:OutLoud
    Read2Go iPad App for Bookshare ($20)
    Android for Bookshare(Goread free)
    Voice Dream Reader (App)- Reads email, student writing, information from the web, etc. If you can copy and paste it, you can read it. Will also let you listen to PDFs. Can listen to text in other languages also.  (free.. full version $10).
    Text-to Speech Abilipad iPad $20. Can record audio, lets you put letters to pictures, words. This app will predict words.
    Kurzweil 300  Text-to-Speech, Writing and Study Tool
    Kurzweil 3000 (License for Bedminster being updated). Not for everyone but has excellent tools to help with reading and writing. Will have web version available. Expensive for individuals but excellent for some learners. Free trial, labor intensive.)  
    http://www.kurzweiledu.com/how-to-videos-kurzweil-3000-v12.html  Video Tutorials
    Reading, scanning, convert to mp3 or Firefly app, study skills help, writing and listening to a sentence read.  Firefly app for the iPad (works only with licensed web versions). There may be a way to get this through Kurzweil (Cambium Learning) by sending over an agreement..
    Recording apps on many mobile devices. 
    Voice to Text Programs
    Dragon Naturally Speaking Software Preferred (get the preferred). Get an excellent microphone from the list of Nuance supported Dragon microphones.  amazon.com and tigerdirect.com sometimes have good deals end of summer/year.
    http://support.nuance.com/compatibility/default.asp Microphone List.
    Dragon Dictate App for iPad and Android (free, I think.)
    Text to Speech available in the iPad 3 and later. Fairly good recognition. Google Android’s text to speech recognition is good. Available on Android phones and tablets.
    Audible (stories read aloud). Personal account.
    Kindle Fire HD with Audible Immersion reading.
    Graphic Organizer- Webspirationclassroom.com @ Bedminster and on iPad (also parents can purchase indivdual accounts on stand alone computers) Inspiration is also available in the labs.  
    Writing Prediction Programs (some free be careful with some- Google Search)
    Co-writer- Don Johnston Products Writing Predictor $>300
    Wordq.com $149 around online version as of last year.
    http://www.goqsoftware.com/trial/ Free Trial and Video Location http://www.goqsoftware.com/resources/videos/ Video Demonstrations
    Create Study Guides- On Computer Apps Available to View
    Quilet- Program to help with studying. New feature that reads questions aloud.
    http://www.quizlet.com  Use a study bank of words. Available for smart phones and tablets as an app. Works on computers as well. There is an app that will read text aloud.  Flashcardlet.
    StudyBlue.com- create study guides, app available.
    Other Tools
    Chrome Browser Features- Add ispeech extension.Highlight text and it reads the selection. Log into Chrome using student’s school account or use another Gmail account and search for ispeech. New extensions appear all the time.  Log in top right and sign in under the X.
    Dictionary.com and Google.com define words and will read them aloud.
    Screen capture program to help make quizzes/study guides and other applications. http://sourceforge.net/projects/greenshot/  For PCs/Macs
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