• Home Logic Features and FAQ

    Student Attendance - View absence and lateness records for individual dates.  Totals are also listed.
    Assignment Grades - Student assignment grading is posted by your child's teachers.  As assignment grades are posted, individual assignment grades and overall averages are displayed.
    Marking Period Grades - Marking period grades are calculated at the end of each quarter.  Effort marks are included.  Teachers can optionally include comments.  Marking period grades are a combination of assignment grades along with general performance and behavior assessments.
    Student Schedules (grades 5-8) - The student's daily schedule for the entire school year is available, with class details such as meeting time, teacher's name and room number.
    Student and Parent Demographics - You can view the information that the school has on record for your children and yourself.

    Frequently Asked Questions
    Q: How often are assignment grades updated?
    A: Each teacher enters assignment grades in a timely fashion, once the assignment has been graded.  Some teachers will update assignment grades daily, while others may update on a weekly basis.  Some grades will be posted periodically (e.g., mid-marking period, end of marking period).
    Q: How do I find out about a teacher's grading policies and calculation methods?
    A: Each teacher has a grading policy description posted on their Web site section.  Click on the TEACHER PAGES tab, select the teacher's name from the list, and then click on their "Grading Policy" page.
    Q: Why are there letter codes next to some assignments?
    A: The letter codes, known as Status Codes, are indicators that an assignment do not receive an alphabetic or numeric grade, for a specific reason.  When a status code is in place, it may either count as a "zero" (0 points for the assignment) or be excluded from the grade calculation.  Please refer to the teacher's grading policy on their web site section for an explanation of status codes and whether or not they are calculated into a student's average.
    Q: Why do some assignments have no grades posted?
    A: Teachers can opt to enter assignments into their grade book before they are graded.  This allows parents and students to see which assignments will become due in the future.  It also allows the teacher to list expected due dates for assignments.
    Q: Why do some assignments have the last day of the marking period listed as the due date?
    A: If a teacher has not yet determined a due date for a listed assignment, they may temporarily list the last day of the marking period as the due date.  When the actual due date is determined, the date listed in Home Logic will be updated.

Last Modified on February 10, 2010