Leveled Literacy Intervention is a systematic reading program intended for intervention.  Lessons are designed to engage students in word work, phonics, reading, comprehending and writing techniques.  Students will be involved in small group lessons multiple times a week.
    Wilson Reading System is a systematic program that involves decoding (sounding out of words), encoding (spelling), fluency, vocabulary, and handwriting.  Many students have already been involved in this program for many years and will be excited to get back into it!



     touch math
    For math we will use the Touch Math technique that students have learned in the past.  TouchMath is a leading multi-sensory learning & math program for preschoolers through high school.  It provides enrichment and reinforcement activities that allow achievement of the best possible outcomes for students with special needs.  Students will receive daily small group and/or individual lessons using the TouchMath program.  They will also have time to practice these skills individually or with prompted support.
    When appropriate, we will also incorporate the Math in Focus from the general education curriculum into our units.


Last Modified on September 11, 2018