• Important Information

    Fourth Grade Rules:
    • Follow directions the first time given.
    • Keep all objects to yourself.
    • Raise your hand and wait to be called upon.
    • Show respect for other people and their property.
    • Come to school prepared with homework, books, pencils, and agenda. 


    Please remember to send a note to school about changes in your child’s dismissal.  It will be forwarded to the front desk so that we can accurately account for students on buses, aftercare and parent pickup.  If special notification is not received, students are sent dismissed via their regular dismissal destination.  

    *If you always pick up your child from school, write a note for the school’s records that indicates permanent parent pickup

    Fourth grade lunch is scheduled at 12:40, we will have a small snack around 11:00.  Please be mindful when packing snacks that we have a few serious allergies to peanuts and other nuts. Fruit, veggies, or yogurt are great snacks to send.
    Lunch Money:
    Please be sure that your child's first and last name as well as "Lewis/Deegan" or "4LD" appear on the envelope with lunch money. Checks should be made out to B.T.B.O.E. Costs for complete student lunches are listed below.
    1 lunch = $2.50
    5 lunches = $12.50
    10 lunches = $25.00
    15 lunches = $37.50
    20 lunches = $50.00
    Silent Reading:
    Students should have a book for silent reading in their desks at all times.  The silent reading book should be at the student's independent reading level*.  Upon finishing a book, students should bring in a new book.  Students are welcome to borrow a book from the classroom library, but the selection is somewhat limited.  Any books you would like to donate to the classroom library are welcomed!!
    *To find books at the appropriate reading level, consult the Scholastic Book Wizard


    Physical Education**, Music, Library, Art, Technology, World Language, and Health

    **Please wear sneakers on days you have P.E.
    Beginning in September, 4th graders are eligible to participate in Band, Orchestra, and/or Chorus.  Participating in music is a wonderful opportunity for students. 
    Take-Home Folders:
    Students will bring home a take-home folder each night.  These BLUE folders may include homework, class assignments, a packet of tests & quizzes, and notices.  Please keep all notices at home.  Sign, date, and return all tests, quizzes, or forms that require a parent/guardian signature by the following school day.
    **Important information from the school is always available on the Bedminster Website.
    Students will copy all homework assignments into their agendas under the day assigned.  Please review your child's agenda and homework to ensure that assignments have been completed.  If the students fail to copy or complete homework on time, we may put them on a "Parent Signature", getting their agenda signed Monday-Thursday.
    In an effort to minimize spreading germs, please keep your child at home when he or she is feeling ill or displaying flu-like symptoms.  Please also remember to inform the reception desk when your child is absent.  You can call Bedminster School ext. 201 or email reception@bedminsterschool.org to contact the reception desk. 
    We will use a variety of assessment methods to evaluate students' progress throughout the year including written tests and quizzes, group discussions, projects, research reports, open-ended essays, observations of hands-on activities, and conferences. Prior to every assessment, we will review content and/or explain the expectations.  Grading rubrics will often be used to evaluate students' work.  When a rubric is used to grade, it will be distributed to the students prior to beginning the assignment as a reference.  Students should refer to this rubric while working on the assignment because it will clearly display the requirements and expectations. 
    Grading Policy: 
    For each subject, homework, classwork, and most projects are worth 40% of the total grade.  Tests, quizzes, and bigger projects are worth 60% of the total grade.  All homework and classwork is graded for neatness and completeness.  Incomplete homework or classwork will be made up during recess or as additional homework (see 4th Grade Homework Policy). This work should be handed in after recess or the next day in order to receive partial credit.  Work that is more than one day late will receive a 0. 
    This year, students will have lockers to store their backpacks, jackets, and school materials.  Lockers can be accessed in the morning, during mid-day for snack/lunch, and at the end of the day only.  Students will be expected to visit their lockers each morning and be in class on time (before the morning announcements).  During the first week, we will practice memorizing combinations and opening the lockers many times.  After the first week of school, students will not be allowed to revisit their lockers for forgotten materials. It is recommended that students keep their lockers neat and only store necessary items. 
    Other Tid-Bits:
    • The temperature in our classroom can change day-to-day, so students may bring a sweater and/or sweatshirt to leave on the back of their chairs
    • Water bottles are allowed on desks