Bedminster School Athletic  Mission Statement

    Interscholastic athletics play an important role in the total educational development of the student body. Participation in the interscholastic program allows the student to combine academic and athletic skills in a setting that enables he/she to achieve his or her maximum potential. Competition in sports teaches a young person how to function as an individual within a team in such a manner that both the individual and team benefit. With proper supervision, the athlete learns how to maintain a positive attitude while experiencing the emotions associated with both winning and losing and gaining the understanding of those individuals who comprise the roles of a team.

     It is a privilege and an honor for a student to be part of an athletic team and a representative of the school and community.  With this in mind, eligibility standards, self-discipline, hard work and pride will be stressed.

     Below is a link the Bedminster Township School's Athletic Handbook.  This handbook outlines many of the policies and procedures of athletic participation.