• Many of the athletes have had the opportunity to continue their careers beyond the middle school level.  Below is a list of the Bedminster athletic alumni who have participated in college athletics.  We are proud of them and all of our former athletes!
     Name     College Years Attended  Sport   
     Catherine Carr  Holy Family University  2007-2011 basketball   
    Grace Cristus  Duke University   2010-2013 field hockey      
     Emily Ray  Philadelphia University 2011-2014   lacrosse  
     Willie Munger   
    Boston College     2004-2007     soccer   
     Jeff Olsen     Rutgers University  2001-2002 football   
     Jessie Munger    Washington Univeristy (St. Louis)  2002-2005 soccer   
     Carson Cristus Columbia University   2008-2011  field hockey  
     Devin Ray Monmouth University 2013-2015   football  
     Chris DeVito Case Western Reserve   2012-2014  football  
     Ryan Zeccola Case Western Reserve   2012-2014  football  
     Emma Cristus Stanford University  2015  field hockey   
     Ali Kramer     Dickinson College  2015  softball  
     Sarah Ryan Cabrini College   2015  basketball  
     Mary Remoli  Cabrini College  2004-2006  soccer  
     Jason Travaglini Gettysburg College   2010-2013  football  
     Catherine Shih     Columbia University       2011-2014   pole vault  
     Montana Sutton University of Virginia   2015-present  soccer  
    Samantha Seigel Michigan State Univversity 2016-present field hockey