Fourth Grade Rules!

  • August 22nd, 2018

    Dear Students, Staff and Families,  

              I am so thrilled to be teaching fourth grade this year and working closely with all of you! We are going to have such a fun-filled year, learning and growing together. It is beyond exciting to be a BEDMINSTER BULLDOG, and speaking of dogs, below is my pooch named Ubu. As I'm sure he will make his way into our conversations throughout the year, I figured I would introduce him too :)


              Some fun facts about me, I coach lacrosse, love to hike and just finished getting my English as a Second Language teaching certificate. In fourth grade, we are going to build on many key concepts, including multiplication and division in math, and determining the theme and main idea in reading. During writing, we are going to increase our writing stamina and become awesome authors. We are also going to put those concepts together and write about reading.


              The biggest thing I'm looking forward to though, is getting to know each of you. We will have many meaningful and engaging conversations through the year during book talks, math talks, and writing conferences. I cannot wait to see how much we all grow from now until June. See you soon!



    Mrs. Carlin