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    Glossaries appear first; sites categorized by chapter number follow

    Everyday Math Glossary

    Downloadable in English or Spanish.



    Great math glossary here; ideas are organized by one topic per page. 


    Glossary Online

    Basic, easy to understand.


    Chapter Thirty: Solid Figures and Volume

    Use the grid to create a 3D house which can be rotated to view all faces and edges.
    If you dig geometry and understand what 3D really means, this is a cool site to check out.
    Elab to be conducted with supplied lab sheet.
    Very similar to our tub experiment. Fill a container to an exact volume, using just the two given containers.
    Rotate a 3-D shape to identify its features.
    Go down the page to Lesson 22 for learning about cubes and volume.
    A cool interactive site that lets you build and rotate 3D figures.
    Name faces, count corners, etc. through self-checking quiz.
    See how nets, or collections of polygons, combine to form geometric solids.
    Directions for printing out and assembling 3D geo figures.
    Explore irregular three dimensional shapes

    Chapters Twenty-Eight and Twenty-Nine: Perimeter and Area

    Basic instruction and practice for finding area; includes a printable practice page.
    Two tough concepts illustrated.
    Cool site, because it teaches you to estimate the area of rounded shapes.
    Given a rectangle, find the area.
    Given a rectangle, find the perimeter.
    Learn more about area and perimeter and then test your skills.
    Find areas and perimeters of various polygons (instruction in this skill included).
    Type in any area, and see all the combinations for the perimeter.
    Very adaptable tiling program which allows you to create and color your own shapes for tesselations.

    Chapters Twenty-Six and Twenty-Seven: Decimals

    Decimal Math Worksheets!

    Several practice examples.
    A simple matching game helps students practice reading decimals (matching the numbers to words).
    Interactive quizzes to practice this skill.
    6 interactive activities for fractions, percents and decimals.
    Introduction and practice problems.
    Decimal factsheet, worksheet and quiz.

    Chapters Twenty-Four and Twenty-Five: Measurement

    An interactive slide show which reviews the concept of the staircase metaphor for converting metric measures.
    Well done self-paced tutorial on metric measures.
    Convert between any kind of measures, instantly, online!
    Try this lesson, and the next at this site, to practice Metric measuring.
    Interactive slide show reviews metric measures.

    Chapter Twenty-Three: Probability

    From the US gov, stats site for kids.
    Government website on probability.

    Chapters Twenty-One and Twenty-Two: Fractions

    Pictures and a short lesson help you learn to simplify fractions.
    Identify, Compare, Simplify, and more, with online checks.
    A bunch of problems and puzzles to solve using pattern blocks on or off line.
    Several difficulty levels allow you to practice identifying equivalent fractions.
    Simple, step by step guided review of basic fraction concepts.
    Interactive lesson on fractions using easy to understand and delicious pizza.
    Reducing fractions is Concept #5 of our Fractions Unit, and great practice can be found here.
    Name fractions using circle or line diagrams; learn more about adding and subtracting fractions and mixed numbers.

    Chapter Twenty: Negative Numbers

    to be added

    Chapter Nineteen: Motion Geometry

    Cool BBC game practices geometric movement.

    Chapters Seventeen and Eighteen: Plane Geometry and Coordinate Grids

    Angle Exploration
    Several teacher options allow you to check your understanding of angle types. Highly recommended.
    Estimate angle size, then click to check guess. Short and sweet.
    Excellent review of these topics.
    Practice or play a game with calculating angles.
    Interactive slide show of circles and their properties, including many formulas.
    Click on two squares; see if geometric term and picture match.
    Degrees in circles, squares, etc. illustrated.
    Cool to play around with, this virtual geoboard measures area and perimeter instantly! Other cool geometry tools available here.
    Matching games for geometric vocabulary.
    Short but well done tutorial on 2 and 3D shapes, with worksheets.
    Online quiz of geometry concepts; self-checking!
    Dozens of geometry games, some student-created, for reinforcing learning. Can reach other Math topics as well.
    Simple definitions and three examples of each concept. Good for quiz/test review.
    Cool art activities to try off-line using geometry.
    Practice judging angles and distances while playing golf. Link is to lower left of homepage.
    Match Geometric Figures to find a hidden picture.
    Art and geometry meet in this clever interactive tour of line and shape.
    Interactive slide show on line symmetry.
    Like BINGO for Geometry.
    Angles, polygons, more through simple manipulations.
    List of named polygons, from 3 sided to over 100 sided.
    Dude... do what the title says.
    Some step by step activities illustrate how plane math is used in real life.
    Play around a little with this; makes sense the more you try it! See models at bottom to copy.
    Sort polygons into four categories.
    Self checking review of quadrilaterals and their properties.
    Interactive review of Geometry Concepts, plus printable fact sheets. Other Maths can be found here also.
    Plot or identify points on a grid.
    Practice creating angles by terrorizing innocent animals and people in the park.
    Some java based animations for exploring geometry concepts.
    One of the better interactive tangram sites; hundreds of puzzles.
    Virtual tangrams allow you to solve puzzles online. To rotate a piece, grab a corner and turn it, or use arrow button to flip it.
    Interactive slide show teaches how to cut and use tangrams.
    A simple tutorial and then practice identifying triangles.
    A simple tutorial and then practice identifying triangles.
    Check out activities for Ch. 7, Geometry.
    Create virtual polygons and measure angles using virtual protractor. 
    No shapes here; match the word definition to the correct vocabulary. Click new game for new words.
    Practice with coordinate graphing, including negative numbers if desired.

    Chapters Thirteen, Fourteen, Fifteen: Long Division

    Practice your basic division facts through this game.
    Interactive slide show reviewing basic terms in division.
    Use supplied worksheet and this interactive site to model division with remainders.
    Read the instructions; this site helps you practice and check long division accurately.
    Practice Math facts interactively. Choose difficulty level and time limits.
    Multiplication.com games feature several formats for independent practice.
    Click on Chapter Ten's Lesson three for a brief practice session, checked by computer.
    Interactive long division, showing a double digit number into a three digit number, something not tested until fifth grade.
    Type in the dividend and the divisor, and the whole traditional method will be delivered to you. Good for checking your own work.
    Type in dividend and divisor; the computer will show the correct long division format.
    Number Cruncher machine scrambles numbers and signs for interactive practice.

    Chapters Ten, Eleven, Twelve: Multi-Digit Multiplication

    Practice Math facts interactively. Choose difficulty level and time limits.
    Multiplication.com games feature several formats for independent practice.
    Step-by-step of lattice method; click on "Next Page" to advance.
    A more step-by-step approach with explanations of the process, in case the one above is not clear.
    Use supplied WS and this interactive applet to model multiplication.
    A video-game type practice using multiplication skills (you choose just how difficult to make it).
    Factsheets, worksheets and an online quiz.
    Interactive times tables shows products as groups of given numbers.
    Drag the product to where it fits on the grid; a magic picture will be revealed.
    Several online explorations with multiplication.
    Interactive multiplication tables using grid.
    A clickable multiplication table which allows you to see how the facts really work, using arrays.
    At this site, Fact Sheets are a great feature.
    Online activities, plus stuff that can be printed for off line practice. Games here also for classroom use.
    Number Cruncher machine scrambles numbers and signs for interactive practice.
    Another site that simply drills you on your multiplication facts.
    A blank multiplication table which can be printed out for at-home practice.
    Interactive game format for reviewing multiplication flash cards.
    Visual demo of why the lattice method works; can help you check your own work.
    Several strategies shown on a single page for modeling multiplication.
    Test your times table knowledge by single number at a time (just 9s, etc.).
    Fact pages, worksheets, and interactive pages on times tables.
    Fact sheets, worksheets, game and a quiz.

    Chapters Eight and Nine: Multiplication and Division

    See Chapters 10, 11, and 12 above for Multiplication sites; see Chapters 13, 14, and 15 above for Division.

    Chapters Six and Seven: Data Landmarks

    Extends the "leveling off" concept for finding averages to more than two numbers.
    Information and examples of the "leveling off idea" of averages for two numbers.
    Tutorials, fact sheets, and activities for mean, mode, and range.
    Great examples of how to find the data landmarks we've discussed, plus interactive self-checking exercises at the bottom.
    Create a graph of nearly any sort at this site.
    Enter weather data onto a spreadsheet to sort and graph it automatically.
    Make a line graph online.
    Interactive practice with Mean, Median, and Range
    Enter your own data categories and have data landmarks calculated automatically.
    Fish tank probability.
    From gov stat site, several activities and graphing functions.
    Step by Step tutorials and practices for learning about means.
    Great intro to and review of mean, mode, and median; includes a fact sheet and an online quiz.

    Chapter Five: Understanding Time

    Interactive game helps you to practice telling time on an analog clock.
    Time Teacher                                                   
    Interactive clock to practice telling time.
    Elapsed Time Quiz                                                  
    Tell the elapsed time between two clocks by choosing between three given answers. (May require a quick install of a Shockwave component). Some of these are tough!
    Elapsed Time Quizzer                                          
    Two online clocks check your understanding of time. You can also print out a recording sheet if you'd like.
    Interactive clock helps you practice telling elapsed time.
    Teaching Time                                                 
    Interactive clock to practice telling time.
    Time Concepts                                                   
    Many time concepts explored online, in an easy to understand way.
    From Mr. Schoch's Backflip site, more sites.

    Chapter Four: Algebra: Use Addition and Subtraction

    Find the missing variables to make the machine work.
    Illustrated Lesson: Patterns                                                   
    An interactive slide show which reviews patterns.
    Late Delivery                                                   
    Fun game using simple algebraic equations.
    From Mr. Schoch's Backflip site, over 20 sites related to Algebra and Patterns.

    Chapter Three: Adding and Subtracting Whole Numbers

    Addition and Subtraction Practice Online
    Using links at bottom of site, you choose from four operations (add, subtract, multiply, divide). You can then choose to work online and have your work checked by the computer, or you can create worksheets to print offline (with answer keys, so you don't drive your parents crazy).

    Coolmath: Addition                                                   
    Once there, check out the interactive tutorial on adding two-digit numbers. Then, once done with that, you can try three-digit numbers.
    Coolmath: Subtraction                                                   
    Once there, check out the interactive tutorial on subtracting two-digit numbers. Then, once done with that, you can try three-digit numbers.

    Chapter Two: Comparing and Ordering Whole Numbers

    Printable Number Lines
    Number lines which can be changed by value (you can even begin with negatives) and increased by whatever increments you choose.

    Some great mini-assessments on ordering numbers and rounding whole numbers, two skills we're presently working on, plus review assessments on place value. Click on any of the lessons to complete an interactive, computer checked quiz.

    Chapter One: Place Value and Number Sense

    LINKS Learning for Kids: Math: Illustrated Lessons: Place Value
    Interactive slide show about place value.
    From here, click on Place Value. When asked to Register, click on button at bottom right that reads "Maybe Later."
    Place Value
    Interactive slide show reviews place value.
    Place Value - Sharknumbers
    Using base ten blocks (manipulatives), find correct answers or be eaten alive.

    Interactive, Online Practice

    Rainforest Maths
    Great review site for all skills, available in several challenge levels (up though middle school).
    Deisgn your own skill sheet online, and then complete it and get it checked online! It's like having your own electronic tutor.

    Blast-Off Mixed Math Facts
    Blast Off helps students practice their basic skills in all four operation types.

    Daily Math Practices
    Great review! Daily practices which can be printed out. Choose only those which your child needs.

    Interactive Flashcards
    Choose the number and the speed to practice multiplication facts; say the answer before it's shown.

    Leon's Math Dojo Game
    Practice basic math facts through martial arts!

    Mad Minutes
    Mad Minutes are timed math challenges. This site offers them online in an interactive version.

    Math Online Activities for Grade 4
    Interactive activities by topic; memory, multiple choice, more.

    Matho is like Bingo, but you need to solve problems to score. This site allows four people to play at once, and is average fourth/high third grade math ability.

    Multiplication Flashcards
    Here you type the answer to race against the clock.


    Number Nut

    Practice any math skill and have your answers instantly checked!

    Quick Flash
    A great way to practice individual number facts in multiplication. Timed.

    SpeedMath - Addition and Subtraction
    Given a number of digits, you must add the operations which will result in the given answer.

    SpeedMath - Multiply and Divide
    Given a number of digits, you must supply the operations which will result in the given answer.

    A football simulation game which practices math facts.

    What's the Point?
    Practice finding coordinates of a point on a grid.

    Paper and Pencil Practice (Downloadable Worksheets)

    TopMath Worksheet Links

    Top Math is a super collection of worksheet sites, categorized by math skill. All are free and easily printed.


    Super Kids

    Custom build a practice sheet focusing on a specific skill and level.


    Printable Math Facts Practice Books

    Four entire books of facts drills (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division) which can be downloaded and printed for free! Every page is followed by an answer key. No more excuses.


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