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    Budget Information Pages

    The 2008-2009 Budget Development

    The Bedminster Township School Board of Education and administration have spent hundreds of hours preparing a budget that reflects a commitment to high quality education and a responsiveness to our taxpaying public. The web pages that follow provide you with insights into budget, including HS costs, as well as timely annual voter infromation. Voting takes place on Tuesday, April 15, when registered voters in Bedminster Township will cast their votes on the proposed budget for the 2008-2009 school year and will elect five representatives as follows:

    Three 3-year full term

    One 2-year unexpired term

    One 1-year unexpired term


    Our Budget and Election Timetable

    February 22 -March 24

    Notice of School Election published during this period.

    February 25
    Monday – 4 pm

    Last day to submit petition for School Election

    March 5
    4:30 pm
    Drawing of ‘Position on Ballot’
    Board Member Judy Farrell to drew names

    March 6

    District submitted budget to Department of Ed

    March 19

    Last day for Department of Ed budget approval

    March 25

    Last day to register to vote in School Election

    March 27
    Thursday - 7:30 pm

    Public Budget Hearing

    Township Hall

    April 7 - April 9
    ‘Sample Ballots’ mailed from County Clerk
    april 15
    School Election
    Polls open from 3 pm to 9 pm

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