• Kindergarten Supply List
                                                 Labeled Supplies
    • Smock labeled with first and last name
    • 1 Plastic Pencil Case 
    • Poly plastic 2-Pocket Folders 1 of each color: (Blue, Red, Yellow)
    • 1 Take Home Folder (any design/color)
    • 2 Composition Notebooks (wide ruled)
    • Extra Clothes in a Ziplock bag ***
    • Family Photograph to be displayed in our classroom

                                           Non Labeled Supplies

    • Elmer's Glue Sticks (4 - small 0.24 oz / 4 - large 0.77 oz)
    • 4 packs of Baby Wipes
    • Ziploc Bags (Boys- Gallon/Snack  Girls- Sandwich/Quart)
    • 1 ream of white printer paper
    THANK  YOU!  
    ***It is highly recommended that each child bring an extra set of clothes to be kept in the classroom.  Please LABEL with your child's first and last name. (Ziploc bag preferred for easy storage). 
    This is our initial Kindergarten supply list.    Sometimes additional items are needed throughout the year.  Extra materials are always appreciated and can be put to good use.  Please keep in mind folders go through a lot of wear and tear throughout the year.  It would be helpful to keep a few extras on hand in case they get lost or torn. 





Last Modified on August 16, 2018