• Gifted & Talented Education


    The Bedminster Township School District is committed to an educational program that develops critical thinkers and independent, lifelong learners.  Each individual possesses a variety of intelligences, as well as a unique learning style, temperament, and pattern of growth and development.  Students of all ages need to learn at their instructional level with pace and depth of content matching and challenging their abilities.  The Bedminster Township School District recognizes the unique value, needs, talents, abilities and intelligences of the individual student and thereby provides enriching and challenging experiences for all students.


    Recognizing that a small portion of students are atypical, exceptional learners who require specialized learning experiences, the Bedminster Township Schools desires to provide opportunities to appropriately address the needs of these students.  Gifted and talented children have learning characteristics and educational needs that require qualitatively differentiated educational experiences and services.  The unique needs of each individual must be taken into account in the planning of their programs.  The basic purpose of a gifted education program is to assist gifted students in becoming self-directed learners who achieve excellence and reach their greatest potential.  Therefore, the Bedminster Township program for gifted students should broaden and improve learning experiences for the gifted student through the development of keener decision-making, problem solving, creative, critical and divergent thinking skills.


    To implement this philosophy, our program should explore and develop


    •  Enrichment as an integral part of the entire educational program.
    •  A safe environment with clear expectations and accepting attitudes that encourages risk-taking and exploration.
    • An atmosphere that fosters individual confidence and responsibility.
    • Diverse activities and assignments that extend learning beyond the regular classroom and address particular interests.
    • An enrichment staff trained to develop a variety of intelligences, and to design and implement instructional strategies and ongoing assessment to meet the needs of all learners.
    • Classroom teacher training in the identification of gifted students and in how to differentiate for gifted students in the regular classroom.
    • Planning time for the enrichment teacher and the classroom teacher.
    • The use of current research and technical resources to update programs and enhance learning.
    • Parent and community awareness and involvement.
    • Continual identification of pupils with gifted and talented abilities in order to provide the appropriate educational services.

    The Bedminster Township program for gifted students will:


    • Utilize multiple criteria to identify truly exceptional/gifted students.
    • Support student responsibility, accountability, and eagerness for learning.
    • Engage students in intensive learning experiences which extend classroom instruction.
    • Differentiate curriculum and classroom instructional and programming.
    • Encourage higher-order and critical thinking in the learning process.
    • Integrate technology with the learning process.
    • Provide opportunities for self-directed learning.
    • Engage students in shared-inquiry.
    • Enhance students’ communication skills.
    • Encourage students to analyze and extend abstract concepts.
    • Provide opportunities for identified gifted/talented students to work collaboratively.
    • Compact the curriculum by allowing students to show evidence of mastery through a pre-assessment and therefore, the students will not be responsible for the regular classroom work.
    • Provide opportunities for more in-depth investigations of curricular concepts and skills.


    The Bedminster Township School District views students, staff, parents and community members as partners.  Each member of the partnership shares responsibility to ensure access to learning opportunities so that each student’s potential may be maximized.


    The Bedminster Township School District will provide services enrichment for all students and specific gifted and talented opportunities for identified students through the enrichment triad model, which is currently in place.

Last Modified on August 7, 2013