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    2018-2019 DISTRICT GOALS

    Note:  Goals are not presented in any particular order



    Student Achievement, Wellness, Safety and Security

    Goal 1   Raise student achievement for all; provide support for students to reach his or her highest level of proficiency, focusing primarily on Math


    1.      Analyze Math content area, focusing on students at Not Meeting or Partially Meeting proficiency levels according to standardized test results. Utilize in-house assessment tools, programs, and other pertinent data to analyze student performance in English Language Arts, Mathematics. Provide professional development to teachers; turn-key teacher professional development so teachers can enhance practice through strategies learned; administrators will meet with, analyze, and share data analysis with teachers.

             a.  Review assessment scores, curriculum, and pacing guides, revise and enhance Financial Literacy, Career Readiness

             b.  Add supplemental resources, programs, and/or materials

             c.  Set SGOs to align with district student achievement goal

             d.  Plan PD opportunities to target student remediation

    2.      Review instructional programs and curricula to infuse cross curricular opportunities for all students in non-core subject areas.

    3.      Enhance instruction for non-proficient population in core subject areas supported through in-house assessment tools, programs, and other pertinent data to analyze student performance.

    4.      Assist staff with Student Growth Objectives (SGOs) that meet district goals, curriculum, standards and challenge students to reach his or her highest level of proficiency.


    1a.    ESEA Accountability Profile District Level, Outcome data: PARCC scores, Renaissance, LLI, BAS, DRA2, observations, WIDA scores, teacher feedback

    1b,d. Turnkey of staff professional development opportunities will take place throughout the school year.

    1c.    Review students’ scores based on analyzing grade and subject area assessments

    2.      Core subject related activities and lessons will be infused in non-core subject areas

    3.      Build in intervention support to enhance instruction for low proficient leveled students

    4.      Meet with individual staff members to review SGOs, ensuring rigor for all students

    Goal 2  Wellness Improve students’ social, emotional, behavioral and mental health needs


    1.     Wellness Committee to promote nutrition education and cafeteria process for students

    2.     Promote age appropriate physical activity

    3.     Plan annual Wellness Week

    4.     Coordinate with PTO to provide assemblies

    5.     Support departmental lessons and activities promoting wellness

    6.     Provide professional opportunities to staff in an effort to offer students wellness strategies


    1a.   Presentation of food service offerings to students

    1b.   Quarterly meetings to oversee school health and wellness

    2a.   Activity data from teachers to support student physical fitness

    2b.   Mile Run / Work out Wednesdays / Hip Hop

    3.     Feedback of wellness week activities

    4.     PTO meeting updates and feedback from staff and students

    5.     Feedback from staff

    6.     Trainings and feedback from staff and students

    Goal 3   Improve safety and security of students and staff


    1.     Raise awareness for staff of security upgrades, procedure changes, progress during drills

    2.     Review long range facilities plan (LRFP)

    3.     Implement technology safety through staff and students password changes

    4.     Organize disaster recovery plan


    1.     Presentation to staff and feedback from administration and local police department

    2.     Analysis and development of LRFP, F&F committee updates

    3.     Technology committee updates on password safety

    4.     Technology committee updates on disaster recovery plan

    BoE approval 7/26/18














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