7th and 8th Grade
    Mr. Hazen
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    Science is the most dependable way of learning about the natural universe!
    Experiment and observation are our primary tools.  In seventh and eighth grade we study and experiment in many of the branches of science.  Physical Science, (physics and chemistry) Life Science (biology, botany) and Earth Science are all covered by our curriculum.
    "...every day that Opportunity keeps on doing science on Mars, it should be headline news, and it's unfortunate that NASA is often recognized for success and failure in equal measure. Really, the fact that we've got robots on Mars right now is something that is, or should be, a continual source of wonder for every single human on Earth. As a species, we're taking the first tentative steps towards exploring and understanding our solar system, and these robots are leading the way."
    Evan Ackerman, 
    And for lighter thoughts on the subject we turn to Randall from XKCD 



    Marie Curie 


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