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Social Studies

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Our Social Studies units are taught with a multi-sensory approach. Plays, readings, drawings, current events, analyzing maps, and debates are some of the ways we teach and assess students' learning of SS topics in 4th Grade.  

Topics & Essential Questions

  • Civics, Government, and Human Rights
    • How do citizens, civic ideals, and government institutions interact to balance the needs of individuals and the common good?
    • How have economic, political, and cultural decisions promoted or prevented the growth of personal freedom, individual responsibility, equality, and respect for human dignity?
  • Geography, People and the Environment
    • How do physical geography, human geography, and the human environment interact to influence or determine the development of cultures, societies, and nations?
  • Economics, Innovation, and Technology
    • How can individuals, groups, and societies apply economic reasoning to make difficult choices about scarce resources? What are the possible consequences of these decisions for individuals, groups, and societies?
    • How have scientific and technological developments over the course of history changed the way people live and economies and governments function?
  • History, Culture, and Perspectives
    • How do our interpretations of past events inform our understanding of cause and effect, and continuity and change, and how do they influence our beliefs and decisions about current public policy issues?
    • How can the study of multiple perspectives, beliefs systems, and cultures provide a context for understanding and challenging public actions and decisions in a diverse and interdependent world?

Social Studies Resources
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