Welcome Letter

Good Day! 

Welcome to 5th grade.  I will be one of your new teachers Ms. Alfone.  I hope you’re ready to dive into a new year with exciting changes, a different schedule and a positive mindset because this year is going to be awesome!  5th grade is a dramatic transition to rotating classrooms and more independence so it can be a little overwhelming at first.  I am here to tell you that its NORMAL to have any feelings, both positive and negative about this big change.

Are you looking forward to 5th grade?  Maybe you’re nervous?  Are you excited?  Do you feel anxious or worried? Maybe you’re so looking forward to having classes with different teachers all week but unsure for how to keep yourself organized?  Let me tell you right off the bat that it is my job to make sure you are confident in your day to day responsibilities and that I am always here to help.

I am confident that we are going to have so much fun learning this year that you will soon forget those uncomfortable feelings that might be creeping around inside your head.  Do not forget to ask for help, remember to fail just means you get to try again and practice positive talk.  The words you think inside your head and use to self-talk everyday shape how you view yourself and your community.   So remember to be nice to people but also be nice to yourself!


Ms.  Alfone