6th Grade Social Studies Quizlets

6th Grade Social Studies Quizlets


Chapter 2, Sections 1-2 Quiz (Hunters and Gatherers & Early Herders and Farmers) 


Chapter 2:  Early People


Chapter 3, Section 1 Quiz (Civilization in Sumer) 


Chapter 3:  The Tigris and Euphrates Valley 


Egyptian Time Period Quiz


Chapter 4:  The Nile Valley  


Chapter 8, Sections 1-2 Quiz (Early Greece & City-States and Greek Culture)


Greek God and Goddess Review


Chapter 8:  The Ancient Greeks


Chapter 9:  The Ancient Romans


Chapter 13, Sections 1-2 Quiz (The Byzantine Empire & The Rise of Islam)


Chapter 13 & 15:  New Empires & Europe and the Western Hemispheres