5th Grade Social Studies Quizlets

5th Grade Social Studies Quizlets


Geography #1  


Geography #2 


Chapter 2, Sections 2-3 Quiz (The Eastern Woodlands & The Plains)


Chapter 2, Sections 4-5 Quiz (The Southwest and the West & The Northwest and the Arctic)


Chapter 2:  Native Americans


Chapter 3, Sections 1-2 Quiz (Exploration and Technology & A Changing World)


Explorer Review


Chapter 3:  The Age of Exploration 


Chapter 4, Sections 1-2 Quiz (The Spanish Colonies & The Virginia Colony)


Chapter 4:  Building the First Colonies  


Chapter 5, Sections 1-2 Quiz (Settling New England & Life in New England)


Chapter 5:  The New England Colonies  


Chapter 6, Sections 1-2 Quiz (Settling the Middle Colonies & Life in the Middle Colonies)


Chapter 6:The Middle Colonies


Chapter 7, Sections 1-2 Quiz (Settling the South & Life in the South)


Chapter 7:  The Southern Colonies