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Science is the most dependable way of learning about the natural universe!

Experiment, observation, recording and communication are our primary tools.  In seventh and eighth grade we study and experiment in many of the branches of science.  Physical Science, (physics and chemistry) Life Science (biology, botany) and Earth Science are all covered by our curriculum.




Asimov did author that quote.  How many times has some investigator said, "Hey, that's odd..."? 

Apparently, there is no evidence that Einstein said that.  Even so the quote remains true. We all are geniuses at something but none of us are geniuses at everything.  


"There are some not-very-bright and/or badly educated people who complain, with apparent sincerity, that scientific research destroys the wonders and magic of nature. One can imagine the indignant reaction of such poets as Tennyson or Shelley to this nonsense, and surely it is better to know the truth than to dabble in delusions, however charming they may be. Almost invariably, the truth turns out to be far more strange and wonderful than the wildest fantasy. The great J. B. S. Haldane put it very well when he said: ‘The universe is not only queerer than we imagine — it is queerer than we can imagine."

Carl Sagan

quoted by Maria Popova in brainpickings




And for lighter thoughts on the subject we turn to Randall from XKCD 

XKCD  xkcd.com


Marie Curie 




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