Weekly Spelling Words 2019-2020

Week of 9/16- get, grin, spot, soft, just, much, strap, twist, blend, path

Week of 9/23- stall, full, cross, thrill, staff, toss, shall, smell, class, pull

Week of 9/30- stamp, swing, dunk, walk, string, sang, talk, both, lung, yank

Week of 10/7-kind, most, blind, post, wild, bold, colt, pretty, goes, done

Week of 10/14- branches, tallest, please, animal, again, rings, sending, printing, drinks, quickest

Week of 10/21- blinked, drilled, used, sure, glasses, wishes, helping, stinging, longest, kicker

Week of 10/28- disrupt, know, against, mascot, panic, upset, chipmunk, knew, catfish, fantastic, magnetic, invent

Week of 11/4- No Spelling this week

Week of 11/11- handful, kindness, fondness, unselfish, always, often, finished, polished, once, expandable, sadness, misspelled

Week of 11/18- lake, pose, only, snake, like, shake, froze, smile, pile, nose, house

Week of 11/25- No Spelling this week.

Week of 12/2- adjective, give, reptile, invite, tadpole, admire, olive, together, chase, trombone, right, place

Week of 12/9- fly, hi, donate, behave, predict, large, shy, robot, pretend, relax, eight, 

Week of 12/16- happy, jelly, dizzy, bunny, city, family, fluffy, silly, every, gravy, puppy, buggy

Week of 1/6- born, yardstick, party, porch, report, park, acorn, shark, world, answer, different, wore

Week of 1/13- verb, squirt, turn, birth, dirt, shirt, picture, learn, twirl, burst, earth, fern

Week of 1/20- perfume, termite, mother, return, curly, thirty, surprise, father, turnips, corner,

understand, brother, panther, blister, archery

Week of 1/27- stray, faint, painting, tray, sprain, waited, gray, pay, great, country, braid, rain, away, hay, clay

Week of 2/3- America, complain, Thursday, crayon, thought, maybe, explain, school, stained,

painful, mermaid, subway, playpen, raindrops, entertainment

Week of 2/10- won, creek, street, squeak, whose, wheel, speak, flea, weak, teach, son, feast, teeth, team, key

Week of 2/17- peanuts, scream, valley, breakfast, fifteen, sneakers, teacher, between, repeat, beneath, head, ready, turkey, chimpanzee, chimney

Week of 2/24- point, spoil, enjoy, join, moist, koi, toy, favorite, early, noise, ocean, joint, destroy, joy, boil

Week of 3/2- tinfoil, broil, boy, noisy. point, enjoyed, early, spoiling, neighbor, ocean, oil, coin. royal, avoid, soybeans

Week of 3/9- foam, grown, cousin, float, throw, Tuesday, soak, own, throat, coach, Monday, toe, doe, snow, toad