4/16-   Please check Mrs. Herschkowitz's website for Art Lessons.




3/16-  Please let me know throughout the week some of the  activities your child has been working on.

You may also send me a picture or pictures of the activity(ies).

3/ 17-  Two new links have been added to Reading menu that  your child may access.

Pebblego and Capstone Interactive ebooks

3/18- Please have your child go on Razkids to hear an audio message from me.

Please go to my Useful Links section, A new link with a variety of activities has been added,

3/19- 2 new music links from Mr. Copeland added.

K-12 printable worksheet link added


New Math website added 

Class number is 897327

I will email your child's password to you.


Raritan Watershed Science and Nature Lessons link added

Wednesday Trivia quiz added


Thank you for sending in your child's assignments for Week 3

Don't forget to go on the Raritan Watershed Science and Nature Lessons link for hands on activities

Epic E-Book link added.

Class Code is inv1454


Mystery Doug Livestream
Tuesday, April 7, 10 am Pacific / 1 pm Eastern

Wednesday Trivia-4/21