Remote Learning Information for Families


Bonjour mes étudiants et leurs familles,


The following information provides an overview of plans for continued French curriculum instruction from home.  Some revisions may be needed over the next weeks, but I am optimistic that these days out of the classroom will still prove valuable learning experiences for us all. (Note:  As of Thursday 3/12 all grades in Genesis are current. Students that were absent this past week were given direction on submitting missing work via alternate methods.)


All classes:

  • Grade specific assignments will be posted in Google Classroom (GC).  Students should check Classroom each day.

  •  There is an “On Commence” packet with several assignments for each grade level. (Directions on how to get them will come from Administration). Students should not rush to complete assignments, but rather wait for directions in GC.

  • We will be using Flipgrid and Quizlet Classroom periodically and links to “join” the classes have been posted in GC.  

  • I have shared a “French Activity Log” for each student in GC.  Details on the document.

  • In addition to grade specific assignments, I will post several “all grade activities” each week.  These will cover a range of topics and will have opportunities for siblings/families to participate (including some cooking ideas).

  • Each grade will be assigned a longer term research project to work on.  


Please reach out with any questions.  If there are siblings at home who would like to try some of the activities, please have them join in too.  


Bonne santé,  (Good health to you all.)

Madame Holzberger