Grading Information

Grading Information (Les Notes):

There will be 3 categories of assessment for your quarterly grade: 

  1. Tests/Quizzes/Projects (60%) - Each will be worth a specific number of points based on difficulty, length, and other variables. The 60% will be determined by the total # of points earned divided by points possible.  (Ex. Pierre earned 450 points out of a possible 500 points this quarter. 450÷500 = .90 (or 90%) for this part of his grade.)  

  2. Homework (10%) - Each assignment is worth 1 pt. If turned in ON TIME.  (Ex. If there were 20 homework assignments and Véronique only turned in 10, she would have a 50% for this part of her grade.)  (*Special Note - Some homework assignments may be assigned a higher point value because of the work involved. This will be noted on the assignment when given.)

  3. Class Participation (30%) - see Participation Rubric for more details.