6th Grade

3/9 - We are starting our unit on class objects.  There is a Quizlet posted in Google classroom for practice. 1 goal of this unit is the reinforcement of masculin/fem gender and singular vs plural use of nouns.  (Due to student participation in the school play this week, homework will be limited.)

3/2 - Quiz Wednesday on Subject Pronouns and the verb avoir.  Quizlet posted in classroom for pronoun practice.  Format - fill in verb chart, identify which pronoun one would use and sentence fill in and translation.  Class owrksheet is a helpful resource.

2/26 - Students are learning the French subject pronouns.  These must be memorized. I have posted the google slide presentation we went over in class today in Google Classroom.  It has a few video links and practice slides.

2/24 - Quiz tomorrow

2/21 - There will be a QUIZ on Tuesday - Colors, shapes and use in simple sentences.  There are Quizlets posted in Google classroom.  Yes - spelling counts and you must know if the shape is masucline or feminine.

2/18 - HW = 5x each (les formes)

2/11 - New Unit - les couleurs followed by "les formes".  HW - color the flags to match the descriptions. There is a Quizlet for students to practice at home posted on google classroom.

2/5 - UPDATE - Several groups have had their collaboration time altered due to absences.  We are making adjustments as needed.  Presentations will continue through Friday.  Students should be rehearsing their lines. so as to have them memorized.

1/27 - (Marking Period 3 begins) - This week students will be working on becoming master meteorologists.  Groups and French speaking countries were assigned on Friday.  Project support documents are being posted in Google Classroom.  Each group will be making a stunning visual (map/flag) and writing a script which will be presented in class.  (Option = live broadcast or prerecorded.).  Homework this week is to be a strong partner by practicing lines as they are written and making sure deadlines are being met by using class time wisely. 

1/15 - HW due tomorrow = Worksheet handed out in class (p. 28)  

Quiz on Friday on weather terms and seasons.  (OUI - you will have to spell them!) - There is a quizlet to practice with on Google classroom.

1/13 - Homework - complete the weather expression drawings on the handout from class (color is not essential, but neatness is).   

A Quizlet with new weather terms has been posted in Google Classroom for students to practice with.

*Students in the AM class are completing the Chaise Chaude assessment this week.  The PM class wrapped up last week.

1/6 Quiz on La Date is Tuesday this week.  Students will also have their "Chaise Chaude" oral quiz over this week and next (a few each day).  They should be practicing the questions they received before the break.

We will be starting our weather unit next.

1/2 - Bonne Annee! Happy New Year!

HW - AM class only - la date - worksheet (both sides).  PM class will complete tomorrow in class.

*There will be a quiz early next Tuesday on the date (days, months, premier, etc.)  Also - practice your Chaise Chaude questions. There is a Quizlet link in Google Classroom.


12/16 - This week students have 1 assignment due Thursday (a calendar project which will be assigned Tuesday), a small in class mini-project that we will do together, and they have been given their 1st "Chaise Chaude" (Hot Seat) list of questions which will be used for an oral quiz grade in January.  A copy will be posted on Google Classroom as well.  If bored/feeling extra diligent over the break - hop on Quizlet and get some extra practice in!

12/10 - Homework = Months of the year 3x each due tomorrow

*Quizlet posted to Google classroom to practice calendar expressions

12/9 - Quiz tomorrow = days of the week, + vocab - le jour, la semaine, avant et apres.  Spelling counts!  (There will be 4 listening comprehension questions where student will be asked to write the day before or after another day. (Ex. Quel est le jour avant jeudi? - What is the day before Thursday.)

12/4  Homework - 5x each days of the week.  (lundi, mardi, mercredi, jeudi, vendredi, samedi,, dimanche) 

There will be a quiz in the near future on the days and vocabulary related to them (le jour, la semaine.....)  Months of the year will follow.

11/20  Worksheet p. 2 and 3 (not activity 8).  This  will be collected.  Write neatly!

There will be a quiz on 0-39 + age expressions, and conversation ordering similar to the homework tonight on TUESDAY.

11/18 - Worksheet p. 6 (+ and - only 0-19 practice) - Make sure you spell out the responses.

11/14 -- We have started 11-39.  Students should be practicing at home.  (Ex. Quizlet)  There will be a quiz next week.

11/12 - Homework 5x each (0-10) - Neatly!!!

Quiz on 0-10 on Thursday. You will need to recognize the math terms as well (not spell them - YET).  Use Quizlet and handout from class to study from.

11/6 - After the break we will start counting.  Want to get a jump start? Try this Quizlet:


10/28 -  Skits to be performed in class tomorrow AND a neatly presented copy of the group's presentation to be turned in (all students must write the skit out in its entirety).

10/21 - Homework (due tomorrow) - Worksheet distributed in class. 

Students will be working on a skit. Performance dates may vary, but all should be preparing to perform on Monday/Tuesday.

Want to practice more at home?  - I'm experimenting with a Quizlet for the first time.  Hope this works!  Link to practice recent greetings and introductions. = https://quizlet.com/444188621/french-greetings-and-introductions-flash-cards/?x=1jqK and to practice Polite expressions and classroom questions - https://quizlet.com/444205353/polite-terms-and-class-questions-flash-cards/?x=1jqK

10/16 - HW due tomorrow = worksheet distributed in class.  Quiz is FRIDAY.  Matching format.  However, spelling will be assessed on the next one and in upcoming skits.  Practice!

Week of 10/14 info - Students are learning greetings/leave taking expressions.  They received a hand-out with unit vocabulary on Tuesday.  There will be a quiz in the near future (date TBD).  Students should be reviewing new terms at home.  (There will be formal HW practice later this week.)

Upcoming project = Small group skits.

Thurs. 10/10 - (due tomorrow) - Complete the "Comment ca va?" worksheet handed out in class.  (Start studying the spelling.  There will be a quiz later next week.)

*Notice (posted 10/3) - There will be a quiz on the alphabet next Tuesday (10/8) - This will be a dictation quiz.  I will spell the words and students will write what they hear.

Weds. 10/2 - (2 assignments below) 

       Due Friday 10/4 -  Recitation of the French alphabet.  You may either sing/say it in class OR you may record yourself saying/singing it and send it to my email and/or share via google drive no later than Friday morning at 8:30 AM.  (Recording can be audio only.  www.vocaroo.com is a free app for sending audio files to an email account. jholzberger@bedminsterschool.org)  If I do not receive a recording, you will have to recite it in class.  Be prepared. This will count as a mini-presentation, not a homework grade.

      Due Thurs 10/3 - Practice spelling your French name using the French alphabet (out loud) for class tomorrow.

Tues. 9/24 (PM class due Weds/AM class due Fri.) - 10 x each "Je m'appelle + (your new French name)"  - Neatness and spelling count.  Take your time.  Don't forget accent marks if your name has them.

Monday 9/16:  (Due tomorrow) Complete command worksheet.