7th Grade

3/2 - Project - Vous travaillez dans le "marketing".  Students are designing an ad campaign for a product needed for school.  Final product is a poster and presentation.  Students will then debate which ad campaign was most successful using comparative structures.  (Rubrics and details have been shared with the class.) - Due next Monday.

2/26 - Due tomorrow-  Writing assessment (take home) - Using the data from the chart you completed in class, choose 5 students and write a detailed sentence which describes their purchase and cost.  

2/24 - Homework - color review worksheet

2/18 - HW - etre worksheet (write the "opposite" adjectives.)

2/6 - HW due Monday - "Dans la Salle de Classe il y a". ( Posted in classroom in case copy left at school.) Draw the room as described in the text.  

There will be a quiz on class objects and prepositions on Tuesday. 

1/29 - "Qui est qui?" Identify "les professeurs" handout. due tomorrow

1/28 - Worksheet from class due tomorrow (2 sides)

1/20 - There will be a quiz on Weds. this week.  It will cover the names of classes one takes in school and a reading comprehension passage similar to the one we went over in class last week.  

1/16 - There will be a quiz early next week (most likely Weds.) on class subjects.  This will include use of -ER verbs and sentences structures from class.  (Mon cours prefere etc..)

1/15 HW - due tomorrow - Worksheet handed out in class (both sides).  Practice sying and spelling the classes one takes at school (les matieres)

1/13 -  HW = Due tomorrow - Re-read the "A l'ecole" passage handed out in class and answer the questions. 

1/6 HW = p/ 11/12 due Tuesday

-ER verb Quiz is Thursday.  (Students should be practicing definitions as well as conjugations.)

12/16 - Practice skit lines for presentation this week. 

12/9 Homework - both sides of L'Heure practice (time).

Note - Chaise Chaude oral quiz = begins Wednesday. Students notified of their specific day.  Answers must be in complete sentences (with a few exceptions).  Students  must also be prepared to ASK the questions.


12/4 - "Chaise Chaude 0-70"  Students have a list of questions involving the use of #s and expressions of time.  They are to practice asking and responding to them in complete sentences.  These will be assessed for an oral quiz grade in the near future (dates will vary).

11/25 - Due tomorrow - Write 8 "fortunes" en francais to use in the Thanksgiving fortune teller (making in class).  Use the sentence starters for future predictions.  These must be kind!  

11/14  Homework/due tomorrow (PM class only)   BOTH CLASSES - there will be a quiz on Wednesday on #s 0-70. (Spelling included.)

Quizlet https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H2-REbL2OU0

11/13 - Homework/due tomorrow (AM class only) - # Practice (math) worksheet pages 11 and 13 - handed out in class today.

11/6 - We will be learning numbers (up to 70) after the break.  Want to review 1-10? https://quizlet.com/_7gc3q0

11-20? https://quizlet.com/_7gcnum

10/28 - Ma Famille project: 3 part assignment (written, poster, and oral presentation).  Written component (essay) due this Friday (11/1). Poster and presentations on Monday and Tuesday next week.  (Some may have to be Weds. depending on shortened class times.)

10/21 - (Due tomorrow) - Sentences 1-12 (+ negative) on side 2 of adjective worksheet from class today.

Students will be working on their "Ma Famille" projects this week.  There will be a visual, written, and presentation component (varied due dates TBD).

Want to practice the adjectives that do NOT change in the singular from masc to fem.?  Try this Quizlet set: https://quizlet.com/444207368/french-adjectives-no-change-mf-singular-flash-cards/?x=1jqK

La Famille Quizlet:  https://quizlet.com/444221393/la-famille-flash-cards/?x=1qqK

Weds - 10/16 - HW page 28 (handed out in class.) + see prorject planning note below.

*Students who did not get a perfect score on quiz will retake it tomorrow.  (And keep on retaking it until they get a 100!)

Tues. 10/15: Project planning -  Students should start collecting photos for their family tree project.  These can be actual family photos, copies of photos, or simply cutouts of people in magazines.  Minimum of 7 people.  (Pets can be included, but only 1 will count as a "person" to meet the requirement.) These should be brought to class on Monday 10/21.

Mon. 10/14 - Quiz - conjugate the verb etre.  (Fill in the chart.)

Thurs. 10/10 - (due tomorrow) - Bottom half of handout from class today (#11-8).  Complete the top if you did not do so in class.

9/26 - 

1)  Family Tree worksheet = Due tomorrow (Friday)

2) NEXT Weds. 10/2  QUIZ - La famille (Included on quiz - All vocabulary from class hand-out, listening section, family tree identification (similar to homework, matching and short answer.)

Monday 9/16 - (Due tomorrow) Complete the worksheet by drawing an image for each of the listed commands.