8th Grade

3/2 - Project - La Mode - Clothing catalogue and Fashio Show.  Catalogue is due Friday.  Defile is Monday.  Groups have been provided with specifics for each portion.

2/26 - Quiz tomorrow- Demonstrative and Interrogative adjectives 

1/30 (PM class only) - complete part 1 of handout 

1/29 (AM class only) - complete part 2 of handout from class (Eng - Fr. 1-8)

1/22 Update to Project Due Dates:
Recipe/Music Lyrics - If you need ME to make copies for the class, it is due to me no later than 3PM THURSDAY.  Otherwise, you should bring your own copies to distribute during your presentation.  (If lyrics - plan to hand them out when you play your song so we can sing/read along.  If recipe - plan to hand it out when you talk about traditional foods.)

Presentations need to be shared with me by Friday (before class).  Make sure each slide is creative, colorful, and correct (no more than 3 words - in French!  No English).  You are talking about the slides, not reading them.

Presentations will begin Friday and continue Monday.  Your group should be well rehearsed and enthusiastic about your chosen country.  Eye contact, voice level, and body language are important to keep in mind.  Practice will make these parts easier.

1/15 - Project (Mon Pays Francophone est le plus interessant) - Groups were assigned today and countries chosen.  Project data sheet is due Tuesday and presentations will begin next Thursday.

1/14 - Answer questions (True/False and short answer) on both sides of handout. Due tomorrow

1/13 - HW - Les Pays Francophones - re-read the text from class and find the English equivalent for 12 of the vocabulary terms listed by using the text (not an online translator!)

Quizlet -  19 Pays Francophones (le français comme langue officielle) is posted on Google Classroom.  (Country name and location on map)

1/6 -IR verb quiz Tuesday.  

1/2 - Due tomorrow - Worksheet (Ex G - K) both sides.  There will be a quiz on these -IR verbs on Monday.  Etudiez!

12/17 - IR verbs worksheet (both sides).

There will be a quiz on -IR verbs early in January.  

12/9 - Chaise Chaude oral quiz = begins tomorrow. Students notified of their specific day.  Answers must be in complete sentences (with a few exceptions).  Students  must also be prepared to ASK the questions.

12/5 -  HW - P. 2 of # practice distributed in class due tomorrow. (higher number recognition - students may use calculators to solve)

12/4 - "Chaise Chaude 0-???"  Students have a list of questions involving the use of #s.  They are to practice asking and responding to them in complete sentences.  These will be assessed for an oral quiz grade in the near future (dates will vary).

There will be a separate, paper quiz on the numbers 0- thousands early next week (Monday)

11/19 - Homework = p.13 (1 side only) of worksheet distributed in class.  (# practivc 0-60  + math terms)

11/14 - Our final group of -ER (Q-Z) is Monday.  Review from your study guide/quizlet.  (Fill in and translation (Eng to French) both on quiz.)

Weds. 11/6 - There will be a quiz on the -ER verbs (F-P) on Tuesday 11/12.  Format will be similar to A-E.  See link for Quizlet to practice with over the break below.  (1st grade for 2nd marking period)

Quizlet : https://quizlet.com/444253969/french-1-er-verbs-many-are-cognates-flash-cards/?x=1qqK

We will be learning numbers up to infinity (in theory) after that.  Want to review 1-10? https://quizlet.com/_7gc3q0

11-20? https://quizlet.com/_7gcnum

Mon. 10/21 - Students will be working on their "Mes Camarades de Chambre" projects this week.  There will be a visual, written, and presentation component (varied due dates TBD).

 1) Project Planner is due Weds. 10/23 

2)  Draft of letter to parents due Thurs. (if edit help sought)

3)  Final draft of letter and Oral Presentation due Tuesday 10/29

Want to practice -ER verb meanings?  (Of course you do!)  Try this Quizlet : https://quizlet.com/444253969/french-1-er-verbs-many-are-cognates-flash-cards/?x=1qqK

Weds. 10/ 16 - Quiz Friday (-ER verbs A to E)

Mon 10/14 (due tomorrow) - Worksheets (2 pages) that were started in class.  (-ER verbs A-E)

Note - Students were given a packet of common French 1 -ER verbs today.  These must be learned and memorized.  We will be working on them in "chunks".  Many are similar to English.   Students should be practicing a little every day.

Mon. 10/7 (due tomorrow)  Quiz - Etre et avoir conjugations  HW - #1-10 on side 1 of hand-out from class.

Thurs. 9/26 -   NEXT Weds. 10/2  QUIZ - La famille (Included on quiz - All vocabulary from class hand-out, listening section, family tree identification (similar to homework, matching and short answer.)

Tues. 9/24 - Family Relationship worksheet handed out in class - due tomorrow

 *Advanced notice - There will be an assessment on family members (+ grammar) one day next week.  Date to be determined.

Tues. 9/17 - Complete #1 - 20 on Workplace readiness worksheet.  (Due tomorrow)