Reading With Your Child


"Above all, children love to be read to. It is a special time for them to be close to the grown-ups who care for them, and a wonderful way to feel loved."(Bush, l993)

  • Read often to your child and have fun.
  • Snuggle when you read.
  • Don’t skip your regular reading time.
  • Read and reread stories requested by children.
  • Make predictions (child tells what he/she thinks will happen next).
  • Enjoy the illustrations.
  • Talk about the authors and illustrators of the books you read.
  • Be patient while your child is reading aloud.
  • Listen to books on tape.
  • Have your child read into a tape recorder once a month and share the progress with him/her.
  • Read aloud together with your child.
  • Leave out a word or phrase on each page. (Ex. Little Red Riding Hood said, "Oh, what big sharp ________you have, Grandma!")
  • Have your child think of a new ending to the story.
  • When reading a non-fiction book, ask your child what they know about the topic and what they want to learn.
  • Discuss similarities and differences between stories. (Great with Fairy Tales)
  • Alternate reading. You read a page, your child reads a page ,etc.
  • From time to time, invite other adults or older children to listen in or join in reading aloud.
  • When you read, involve your child by having him/her point out objects in the pictures and follow the words with his/her finger.
  • Read poems to/with your child.
  • Read children’s magazines.
  • Echo Read: Choose something fun to read, such as a poem, song, or joke. You read a sentence with expression and ask your child to repeat the phrase after you.
  • Check out the public library.
  • Create a special place for your child’s books in your home.
  • Keep a few "old favorite" books in the car to enjoy.