Guided Reading


Guided Reading


What is Guided Reading?

Guided Reading is the teacher lead reading of fiction and non-fiction texts. It is differentiated based  on the child's instructional level.Text is typically selected by the teacher and each student has their own copy of the text. Instruction is given in small groups based on the children's reading readiness. The teacher introduces new reading strategies or concepts to practice with the text. The teacher asks follow up comprehension questions and explore different aspects of the text. The students read the texts a few times to develop their fluency before bringing the text home.


Guided Reading in Kindergarten

We want to set the children up for success and have their first reading experience be positive. We familiarize the students with the routines of guided reading early by participating in small group phonics and strategy lessons. As the students show reading readiness skills we begin formal reading instruction. Typically all students are ready for reading instruction by the winter.


What are Literacy Centers?

While students are working in small groups with the teacher the rest of the students are participating in Literacy Centers. These centers help the students explore reading and writing independently or with a few peers. The students participate in a variety of activities that enhance the reading and writing curriculums. The students are expected to try their best and stay on task at each center.