Websites for ELA: 

RAZ Kids: Here your child has access to several books along with reading comprehension quizzes!

Epic!: This website has a huge digital library for your child to explore.

Storyline Online: Listen to your favorite actors and actresses reading stories to you! 

Storytime From Space: Here, real astronauts read you books from outer space! 

Pebble Go: A library filled with nonfiction books.

Websites for Math: 

Prodigy: A fun interactive game where your child must complete math problems in order to battle monsters!

XtraMath: Math practice with online flashcards and assessments.

Math Playground: Hundreds of fun math games!


National Geographic Kids: Here your child can learn all about our world. Your child will have access to articles and videos about everything from animals to outer space!

Time for Kids: This site gives your child access to articles about current events. 

San Diego Zoo: Does your child love animals? Here you can view live webcams for many of the animals at the zoo! Visit them right from your home!