About the Teacher

Students call me:  Mr. Nye or Mr. Nyerges

Experience:  Teaching English as a Second and Foreign Language since 1998.

Family:  My wife and I love family time with our two children, whether it is cooking, playing games, reading stories, playing volleyball, going for a walk, ice skating, going to the beach, watching a favorite series, or just having a laugh :)

<------- Set a goal with Daruma-san!


1. SET YOUR GOAL/VISION --> color 1st eye

2. ACHIEVE YOUR VISION --> color 2nd eye

3. Smile! You did it!

Message:  I am very excited to join the Bedminster School again.  I also grew up in a K-8 school, so I have a sort of nostalgia being here.  I look forward to getting to know everyone and supporting the needs of English Language Learners along their journey.

Email: jnyerges@bedminsterschool.org

Phone: 908-234-0768 x275