Grade 6

All remote learning assignments will be provided in Google Classroom.

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  • All activities and lessons will be available on
  • As a parent, you will be invited to the class to see updates on assignments posted.
  • Please reach out to be by email or a student can post a comment.
  • If there questions, I will make a customized video tutorial and/or setup a time to meet with groups virtually. \

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Dr. Puglia



Go to Google Classroom 

Video tutorials- Click on the link.

Questions 1-4 Math Problems
1 minute 55 seconds

Questions  5-6 Convert Units
59 seconds

Question 7 Define Words 52 seconds

Question 8 and 9 Time Related About 1 minute

Question 10 Define Radius 65 seconds

Question 11- Currency (money) Conversion 59 seconds

Question 12- Find Movies- Zip Code 40 seconds

Question 13- Patent Numbers Invention 69 seconds

Questions 14-16- Search within NJ Sites 2 minutes 11 seconds

Questions 17-19 Search within another site, such as NASA. 2 minutes 16 seconds

Questions 20-22 Search within a government site- Abraham Lincoln Example 1 minute 51 seconds

Questions 23-24- Search for PowerPoint Files Only 2 minutes 43 seconds

Question 25- Find a map or our school in Bing or Google Maps- Screenshot it and Paste It 3 minutes 30 seconds

Question 26- Screenshot a Historical New Jersey Location 2 minutes 26 seconds

Question 27- Find Country Codes 1 minute 30 seconds

Question 28- Tigers- Internet Search Results 54 seconds

Question 29-32 PowerPoint Files 2 minutes 43 seconds

Question 33-34 Goodies for Population of Country, Elevation, and Many More Items 2 minutes 24 seconds

Question 35-36 Canadian Site canadian sites .ca Search All Canadian Sites 1 minute 26 seconds

Questions 37-40- Use to find height of a city and/or nutritional value of a fruit or vegetable.

Extra Credit-
Below Question 40- 2 minutes and 45 seconds