2nd Grade P.E. News


For the week of June 15th, I would like all my 2nd graders to choose 2 of the following 8 options each day:

Option #1

Log on to the link below and follow the 14 minute workout.



Option #2

Log on to the link below and follow the 7 minute Yoga lesson.



Option #3

Take a 30 minute walk with friends or family

Option #4

Take a 20 minute bike ride with friends or family


Option #5

Run up and down your stairs for 5 minutes


Option #6

Create an indoor obstacle course or challenge someone in "Couch Island"



Option #7

Plank for as long as you can



Option #8

Enjoy the fresh air while playing outside for at least 15 minutes(jump rope, basketball, scooter, trampoline, etc.).  Don't forget to use social distancing and wash your hands when you come back inside :)




All students in 2nd Grade will have Physical Education (P.E.) three times per week. 


I will teach Mrs. McFarland's class every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday

  • Please make sure that they have their sneakers. 
  • I like to get the students engaged all period, and prefer that they not leave the gymnasium to get a drink, so I encouraged them to bring water bottles to class.
  • If your child is unable to participate in P.E. that day, please have them bring a note from home.