7th & 8th Grade Health News

Link for Health Current Events on Google Sites


7th Grade 8th Grade

Mental Health

(Stress, Depression and Suicide)

Nutrition and Fitness

(Nutrients, MyPlate and continuing a healthy lifestyle)

First Aid

(Basic First Aid Measures and CPR/AED)

First Aid

(Water, Burns, Shock and Seizures)

Drug Awareness

(Marijuana, Heroin, Cocaine and Crack)


Drug Awareness

(D.A.R.E. with Officer Moni Cooper, DXM and Inhalants)




Tests/Quizzes 40%
Behavior 15%
Participation 15%
Weekly Assignment 30%


  • Each student is responsible to complete a health current event article every Friday. 

  • This assignment will be done on Google Sites (see link above).  

  • Along with the link to the article, they should have the due date of the assignment, a summary and a response as to how it can pertain to their health (i.e. make a personal connection).   The article they choose, should be CURRENT (i.e. from within the last 10 days). 

  • There will be approximately 7-10 current event assignments.  

  • A child may post their assignment ahead of that due date, but none will be accepted after (even if due to illness).  

  • There are NO make-ups for missed Current Events.  

  • Current Events are checked at 8:30am, anything done after will be counted towards the next week.