Pre-School PE

Hello Pre-K!

This page will be used to communicate "At Home" workouts and PE acivities for Mr. Panza's classes. 


Week 12- June 8-12


Meeting 2-

Activity: PE DAY! Link is also in my Home Page Bio!


Meeting 1-

Activity: Morning Yoga!


Week 11 - June 1-5


Meeting 1-

Warm Up: Yoga

Activity: Exercises for different parts of the Body


Week 10 - May 18-22


Meeting 1-

Activity: Yoga for the whole family!


Week 9 - May 11-15


Meeting 1- 

Warm Up: 10 Big Arm Circles, 10 Small arm circles, 10 seconds touching your toes

Activity: Star Wars Workout


Week 8 - May 4-8


Meeting 1- 

Activity: Jedi Training Workout


Week 7 - April 27- May 1


Meeting 1-

Warm Up: Saved by the Bell! Moves you and your parents can have fun with!

Activity: Obstacle Course! Alright we are going to be creative with this one! 

Rules: First, make sure you have your parent/guardians permission to set up an obstacle course, even get them to help you make it! 

Second, make your obstacle course! You could use anything around your house (furniture, toys, blankets, bags, backpacks, etc) to make different obstacles for you to jump over, run around, crawl under, and so much more! 

Third, make a start and finish line! If you are by yourself, time your race to see how fast you complete the course and try to beat your time! If you have siblings or anyone else that wants to join you, then you can compete against them! 

How fast can you complete the obstacle course?! 

If you make an obstacle course, feel free to take a video of you going through it and email me at 

Id love to see what you all come up with!

Cool Down: Drink some water, and stretch out those muscles! 


Week 6 - April 20-24


Meeting 1-

Warm Up: Fresh Prince Groove 

Activity: 2 by 2 Fitness


Week 5 - April 14-17


Meeting 1-

Warm Up: Harlem GlobeTrotters Warm-Up

Activity: Fit Dice!

Cool Down: Give a compliment to everyone in your house! 


Week 3 - March 30-April 3


Meeting 1

Warm Up: Compliment Tag! Play a tag game with everyone who is in your house with you. The rules are that there is one person who is the tagger, when the tagger tags someone in the house, the person they tagged must give the tagger a compliment (Something they like about them). You can Switch the taggers so everyone has a chance to receive compliments!

Activity: Indoor Recess Ultimate Champ


Week 2 - March 23-27


Meeting 1

Activity: Indoor Recess Exercise Video 


Week 1 - March 16-20


Meeting 1

Warm Up: 

Activity: Kiboomers- Freeze,  Dinosaur Stomp