3rd Grade PE

Hello 3rd Grade!

This page will be used to communicate "At Home" workouts and PE acivities for Mr. Panza's classes. 


Week 12- June 8-12


Meeting 2-

Activity: PE DAY! Link is also in my Home Page Bio!


Meeting 1-

Activity: Morning Yoga!


Week 11- June 1-5


Meeting 3-

Activity: Morning Workout


Meeting 2-

Warm Up: Yoga

Activity: Exercises for different parts of the Body


Meeting 1-

Activity: PE with Joe

(Skip to 4min)


Week 10 - May 18-22


Meeting 3- 

Warm Up: Zumba Kids with the Minions

Activity: Ab Circuit: 5 sets of each

15 second plank

10 Russian Twists (sit upright, with feet hovering over ground. Put both hands together like a ball, touch each side of ground next to you)

10 second  Heels off the ground. (lie on ground flat, and keep your feet 6 inches above the ground)

10 crunches


Meeting 2-

Warm Up: Dino Stomp!

Activity: Circuit: 3 sets of each

10 jump squats

10 Toe Touches

10 Mountain Climbers

10 Lunges 


Meeting 1-

Activity: Yoga for the whole family!


Week 9 - May 11-15


Meeting 3- 

Warm Up: 10 Big Arm Circles, 10 Small arm circles, 10 seconds touching your toes

Activity: Star Wars Workout


Meeting 2- 

Warm Up: Get Yo Body Movin!

Activity: Circuit:

3 sets of:

10 Large arm circles

10 Ski Jumps

10 Squats

10 Jumping Jacks


Meeting 1- 

Warm Up: Triangle Dance If you have 2 more people at home with you, come get them to try it with you!

Activity: Circuit: 

3 sets of:

5 push-ups

5 sit-ups

5 mountain climbers

5 sqauts

5 lunges (each leg)


Week 8 - May 4-8


Meeting 3- 

Activity: Jedi Training Workout


Meeting 2- 

Warm Up: Gonoodle Mood Walk 

Activity: Roll The Dice

1-  Stretch and Touch your toes

2- 10 Lunges 

3- Dance or Hula Hoop for 3 minutes

4- 10 Sit-ups

5- Do 15 Jumping Jacks

6- Run in place while counting to 30 out loud!


Rules: Use dice, or if you do not have dice, have a sibling or parent call out random numbers. Play this dice game for 15 minutes! Have fun! 


Meeting 1-

Activity: Card Shark 


Week 7 - April 27-May 1


Meeting 3-

Fun Friday! 

Activity: Use this time to pick your favorite lesson from these past couple weeks, or join PE with Joe! 

Have a great Friday! 


Meeting 2-

Activity: Workout with Joe! Here is another greta source of workouts to do at home! Hope you enjoy this workout as much as I did!


Meeting 1-

Happy Monday everyone!! It is crazy we are on Week 7 already, but I wanted to just give everyone some encouragement during these hard times. Let's take a look at all we have accomplished so far as we adjust to this new lifestyle. It is easy to focus on the bad, so let's take a moment to reflect on the good and what we can be thankful for! Let's take a moment to celebrate the good to start off the week! Stay strong, stay positive, stay active! 

Warm Up: Celebrate! 

Activity: Mission Possible 


Week 6 - April 20-24


Meeting 3

Warm Up: Compliment Tag! Play a tag game with everyone who is in your house with you. The rules are that there is one person who is the tagger, when the tagger tags someone in the house, the person they tagged must give the tagger a compliment (Something they like about them). You can Switch the taggers so everyone has a chance to receive compliments!

Activity: Indoor Recess Ultimate Champ


Meeting 2-

Warm Up: Fresh Prince Groove 

Activity: 2 by 2 Fitness


Meeting 1-

Warm Up: Larger Than Life GoNoodle

Activity: Name Fitness

Directions: Complete the workout based on your FIRST name. Start with the first letter of your name and complete the workout shown with that letter. Then complete for all of the letters of your name. For any exercise with reps, do 20 reps of that exercise. If it uses time, do the exercise for 30 seconds.

For example:  

J- 20 Jumping Jacks

O- 20 Burpees

E- 30 seconds Run in Place

Y- 20 Shoulder Touches

If you have a short name, try doing it for your last name too! 


Week 5 - April 14-17


Meeting 2-

Activity: Fun Friday Mini Workout!

Today is Fun Friday!!!! Challenge your family to complete this small workout with you! You only have to go through the circuit once, but if you want more of a challenge try to complete it 2-3 times! Have a great Friday everyone! 


Meeting 1-

Warm Up: Harlem GlobeTrotters Warm-Up

Activity: Fit Dice!

Cool Down: Give a compliment to everyone in your house! 


Week 3 - March 30-April 3


Meeting 3-

Warm Up: Saved by the Bell! Moves your and your parents can have fun with!

Activity: Obstacle Course! Alright we are going to be creative with this one! 

Rules:First, make sure you have your parent/guardians permission to set up an obstacle course, even get them to help you make it! 

Second, make your obstacle course! You could use anything around your house (furniture, toys, blankets, bags, backpacks, etc) to make different obstacles for you to jump over, run around, crawl under, and so much more! 

Third,make a start and finish line! If you are by yourself, time your race to see how fast you complete the course and try to beat your time! If you have siblings or anyone else that wants to join you, then you can compete against them! 

How fast can you complete the obstacle course?! 

If you make an obstacle course, feel free to take a video of you going through it and email me at jpanza@bedminsterschool.org 

Id love to see what you all come up with!

Cool Down: Drink some water, and stretch out those muscles! 


Meeting 2-

Warm Up: Sherlock GnomesMovin and Groovin! 

Activity: Alphabet Chart U-Z! You just completed the WHOLE Alphabet!!

Cool Down: Sit in Magic 5 (criss cross apple sauce) and put hands on your lap. Take 5 slow deep breathes to calm your body. 


Meeting 1-

Warm Up: Shake it Off, Get your body and mind loose! 

Activity: Alphabet Chart O-T Only!!

Cool Down: Cool Down Chart #4 ONLY!!


Week 2 - March 23-27


Meeting 3

Warm Up: Here Comes the Boom!

Activity: Alphabet Chart H-N Only!

Cool Down: Cool Down Chart #3 ONLY!! 


Meeting 2

Warm Up: Get Fired Up with John Cena!

Activity: Alphabet ChartLetters A-G Only! 

CoolDown: Cool Down Chart #2 ONLY!!


Meeting 1 

Warm Up: Popping Bubbles

Activity: Color Workout Sheet  **Only Do Green Workout** Last day of Color Workout!!

Cool Down: Cool Down Chart #1 ONLY!


Week 1 - March 16-20


Meeting 3

Warm Up: 11 Fun Exercise for Kids!

Activity: Color Workout Sheet  **Only Do Yellow Workout**

Cool Down: Trolls Cant Stop The Feeling


Meeting 2

Warm Up: 11 Fun Exercises for Kids! 

Activity: Color Workout Sheet  **Only Do Blue Workout** 

Cool Down: Missing Link Dance: Freeze


Meeting 1

Warm Up: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dNL6RwymoNg 

Activity: Color Workout Sheet  **Only do Red Workout**

Cool Down: Stretch: Arm across body 10 seconds each, Knee to Chest 10 seconds each, Childs pose yoga for 40 seconds.