Grading Policy

Miss Mancini

English Language Arts (ELA)

Grade 5

Grading Policy


Calculation Method


·    Graded assignments are converted to percentages with grades carrying varying weights (see below). 
·    Assignments are expected on the day that they are due.
·    Assignments will not be accepted late. One Late Homework Coupon will be given each marking period that may be used if a student forgets an assignment at home or did not complete it. Late credit will then be given for that assignment once it is turned in the next day.


 Calculation of Grades
English Language Arts
  • Tests - 30%
  • Reading & Writing Workshop - 30%
  • Quizzes - 20%
  • Classwork & Homework - 20% 

Frequency of Publishing Grades


Grades are published in a timely fashion and once assignments/
assessments are scored.

Extra Credit


Extra credit may be offered during the marking period. This will vary and change from time to time. The bonus points will be added to the grade before it is posted on Genesis.


Status Codes


Codes will not be used for Miss Mancini’s grades. She will be posting the percentage grade (out of 100 points) under the correct category.


Please note that the use of Genesis is not meant to replace parent-teacher communication. If you should have any questions, please contact me immediately.


Miss Mancini

ext. 271