• Digital Storytelling
    Digital stories can be anything from an original story with original artwork to a historical biography using photographs. The promoters of digital storytelling all talk about "The Ken Burns Effect." This refers to the documentary filmmaker, Ken Burns, who uses zooming and panning techniques with still shots to create a dynamic story that has a film-like quality to it. These techniques combined with narrative and music make for a really fabulous and compelling product.
    We are using Microsoft Photostory 3 to create our digital stories. This software is extremely easy to use! In class, I will show clips of Ken Burns documentaries, as well as some digital stories I've found on the Internet. So don't throw those old family photos away! Your kids may be asking to bring them in to school for their digital stories.
    Educational Uses of Digital Storytelling
    Center for Digital Storytelling
    Australian Center for the Moving Image
Last Modified on August 1, 2012