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    You might also find it in GALtube if it's directly related to our GAL lists.
    Guy Who Knows Nothing About Baseball shows the importance of using specific nouns in order to effectively communicate with others. Imagine watching a whole game with this guy as the commentator!
    Little Red Riding Hood is a perfect example of dramatic irony because the reader (or viewer) knows something that the character does not. As much as we want to warn this naive girl about the dangers lurking in her grandmother's house, all we can do is sit back and watch and hope for the best.
    In this short clip, we see dramatic irony used for humorous effect. Alan pointed out that the music is used to very effectively add some suspense.
    This is a book trailer (preview) for an excellent graphic novel called Smile. Ask Mr. Schoch where to find it in our library!
    Kid Who Can't Pronounce Author's Name Interviews
    Kazu Kibuishi (KAH zoo KEE boo EESH ee)

    Amulet The Stone Keeper Book Trailer

    Kazu Kibiushi Interview Part One
Last Modified on March 10, 2011