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    Cool videos and sites related to our recent GAL lists.


    It's All Greek to Me

    Play a cool game that challenges you to use Greek and Latin roots properly.

    Perfect Pedestrians

    Crows have figured out an ingenius way to make use of the pedestrian crosswalks in Japan.

    EXTRA CREDIT #3 (Week of October 5, 2009)
    After watching the examples in the video below, find a song which contains similar examples of personification. Write a proper heading on a lined paper, copy down the lyrics, and be sure to underline the personification.
    Not good at recalling lyrics? With a parent's permission, visit either www.lyrics.com (be sure to turn off the Auto-Play feature when the first set of lyrics appears) or www.songlyrics.com to search for complete song lyrics. (FYI: Ring tones are NOT free!)
    For GAL List 05 (ject = throw), I've included a link to a really cool simulation which allows you to hurl projectiles at targets using a virtual catapult. Change the catapult's trajectory by experimenting with three variables in its design. A perfect shot should subject your target to a severe pounding!
    catapult game
    Below is the video "In the Rough," which contains many examples of conflict. You might need to watch it a couple times to catch all the details.
    Hey! Shawn was right! There's another version of "In the Rough" on Youtube, with different music, different voice overs, and extended scenes. Check it out and note the differences. What an interesting juxtaposition! Thanks, Shawn!
    Here's a really crazy intersection in Hanoi. No traffic lights or police officers direct traffic, yet no accidents occur! By taking their time, paying attention, and driving slowly, cyclists and drivers alike get through safely. American drivers could learn something from this!
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