• Beginners' Chess Club

    Listed below are several Internet sites which you may wish to investigate. Although Mr. Schoch has checked every site, you should still get a parent's permission before visiting. Choose a site which feels comfortable for you at your present skill level.

    A horrible address to remember, but it's easy to click on! If you ever want to search for this site using Google or Yahoo, its real name is Chess is Fun. This great site contains information on basic moves and strategies, which is a great aid to beginners. Many advanced tips here can also help the more experienced player. Includes a link to challenge a chess computer online.

    This website is maintained by the author of our club books. In addition to a number of inexpensive books, sets, and clocks, this site features a large digest of studies proving the academic value of chess.

    This is an extensive collection of links; the best bet here is a number of sequenced lessons which cover rules, moves, and strategies. This is a site for the more advanced player who can read chess notations.

    It's your move!
Last Modified on May 1, 2012