• Homework

    Homework is assigned each night to reinforce concepts and skills learned in the classroom. Homework assignments are carefully designed to prepare students for future lessons and assessments.

    Students may have up to 60 minutes of homework. If students are struggling with homework or often spending longer than an hour to complete homework, please contact me immediately. Sending an email or writing a note in the agenda are great ways to communicate with me. Independent reading is included as part of students' nightly homework assignments.

    Any student who fails to appropriately complete his or her homework will make up the assignment during recess and/or homework the next night.

    Student Responsibilities:

    • Accurately record homework into agenda
    • Ensure that all worksheets and textbooks needed are packed up at the end of the day
    • Ask questions about assignments before leaving school
    • Ensure that homework is neat and complete each night
    • Consult textbooks or the internet before asking for help
    • Politely ask a parent or guardian to check homework for completeness and to sign agenda (Monday - Thursday)
    • Practice multiplication and division facts

    Teacher Responsibilities:

    • Select assignments that are appropriately challenging and reinforce the concepts and ideas learned in the classroom
    • Explain expectations for assignments
    • Provide clear directions
    • Allow time for students to accurately copy assignments into agenda
    • Update the "Homework This Week" page on this website each week
    • Check and return homework in a timely fashion

    Parent/Guardian Responsibilities:

    • Help your child find a quiet place to work
    • Check over your child's agenda and homework for neatness and completeness
    • Sign your child's agenda nightly (Monday-Thursday) so that I know you have reviewed the homework with your child
    • Review and sign any tests, graded assignments, or notices that require a signature
    • Contact me as soon as possible with any problems or concerns
Last Modified on November 17, 2017