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Social Studies and Science
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Social Studies
National Geographic Xpeditions' Atlas Page with tons of printable maps
 Make your own flashcards to study for quizzes and tests
Super fun games that also happen to be related to Social Studies!
Learn about the Lenape people
"Finding the World's First Dinosaur Skeleton--Hadrosaurus foulkii"
"New Jersey: Hadrosaurus foulkii (state dinosaur)"
Timeline, biography about Thomas Edison
A Digital Archive of New Jersey History
List of historical sites in NJ (alphabetical by town)
State history, timeline, regions, recreation, events, facts, and more
Scholastic game--match states to locations on map (you may want to turn the volume off after a while)
Geography games from
Games, quizzes, facts, and more
A list of municipalities, by county, and list their historical achievements
Check out this interactive world map. You can learn some interesting facts about different countries!!
Amazing photos that compare the appearance of locations in 1944 (during WWII) and today.
The interactive games, lessons, and review activities on this website match the lessons from our textbook. Use it to study for your quizzes!
Practice labeling different items such (Earth's layers, parts of a flower, parts of a fish, etc.)
Learn about how electricity is related to lightning. A link found by our friends in Colorado!
Read this energyKIDS article to learn more about the basics of electricity
More great articles and resources about electricity
Try out these experiments with static electricity at home.
 Help put the skeletal system of Mr. Bones back together! 
 All Systems Go!Use your knowledge of the body systems to help put the man's organs back in place. You must find all of the organs in the system before moving on to the next system (do not click the "Done" button!)


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