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    This year we will explore New Jersey state history, geography, current events, and civics through the Harcourt NJ Social Studies Program. 
    New Jersey State History: Students will learn about...
  • native peoples of New Jersey
  • exploration of the New World
  • NJ colonization
  • early governments of New Jersey
  • the French and Indian War
  • the American Revolution
  • the Constitution
  • the founding of the U.S. government
  • the Civil War and post-Civil War era in NJ
  • famous New Jerseyans
  • NJ's current government, economy, and people 
  • nj New Jersey Counties Map

    Students will also learn how to read a timeline.

    Geography: Throughout the year, students will develop the ability to
  • read a compass rose
  • read longitude and latitude
  • use a map features (key, scale)
  • use different types of maps
  • create an original map
  • identify NJ counties and landform regions
  • identify US regions and states
  • identify locations of countries in the news
  • identify continents and oceans
  • compass rose
    east coast
    East Coast Map
    Current Events: Periodically, students will read news reports in Scholastic News for an update on current events.

    World Map

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