Mrs. Andrea Burke

    5th & 6th Grade Applied Technology

    7th & 8th Grade Design Technology



    Calculation Method

    • All graded assignments and projects are converted to percentages and letter grades, all grades receive equal weight.
    • All assignments and projects are graded as points earned out of total possible points.
    • For each day an assignment or project is late, one point will be deducted from the grade for that assignment or project.

    Frequency of Publishing Grades

    • Grades are published in a timely fashion, once they are scored.
    • Students have one additional opportunity to correct assignments and projects in order to bring up their grade. Corrections should be made within three days of receiving initial grade. The new published grade replaces the original grade for that assignment or project.

    Extra Credit

    • Extra credit assignments are always available upon request from student.
    • Extra points are added to some assignments and projects as bonus points.
    • Some extra credit assignments and projects may appear as a separate task from regular assignments and projects.

    Additional Information

    Extenuating circumstances may affect students’ grades. Please contact me to discuss your situation so we can work out a mutually agreed upon plan.


Last Modified on September 4, 2015