Message from Maschio's Food Service

  • Dear Parents of  Bedminster School Students,

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    Maschio’s Food Services will continue to provide food service for your district this school year.  The meal price is $3.35. We hope that while your child is a student here, he/she will find the Food Service Program full of enjoyable and healthy choices to help him/her in learning and growing.


    • Each lunch served must include five components: a protein source, bread, a vegetable, a fruit and eight ounces of milk.  Choices of entrees are available each day, including both hot and cold selections.  There are also vegetable choices, including fresh choices every day and a variety of fruits and fruit juices to choose from.  The milk in your district is offered in several different flavors. While at least five components are offered each day, your child may choose as few as three or as many as five of the foods offered to complete a meal.
    • A wide variety of a la carte items are also available for sale, including soft pretzels, bagels, juices, fresh baked cookies, chips and water. 
    • We urge you to take full advantage of this system by placing money into your child’s account on a weekly, monthly, or annual basis.  You choose the amount you want to deposit.  Any money not spent at the end of the school year will be available for your child’s use the following school year.  Attached is a form to accompany your deposit so we can identify your child correctly and you can direct how the funds may be used.


    We are proud of the quality Food Service Program we offer at the Bedminster School. If you have any questions about the Food Service Program, please call the Food Service Director at (908) 234-2420 or Maschio’s Food Services at (973) 598-0005.